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Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
11 12 Apr 2011
piglover said:
i know i think its sick that they eat cats and dogsdog kitty
it's such a horrible thought, I'm trying to use that to try and get people to understand how I feel about animals being killed, a dog is a cow is a pig is a cat.. animals are esentially the same thing...but scertain societies over time have dictated what to love and what to not, it needs to be broken down

piglover piglover NSW Posts: 29
12 12 Apr 2011
thats how i feel. but over in japan and china they think that they can eat anything pig

Pegs Pegs VIC Posts: 1538
13 12 Apr 2011
This is why many Asian countries are my least favourite places!

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
14 12 Apr 2011
naww they arn't all bad, there are many beautiful and lovely things about asian culture. I think it's japanese society that is largely vegetarian friendly, I think there are provinces  and towns that don't eat meat. every culture has something gruesome about it

I know that americans were shocked to hear that Australians eat Emu and Kangraroo

Taxidermied Baphomet Taxidermied Baphomet NSW Posts: 292
15 12 Apr 2011
Yea, we dont live in caveman times, we dont need to kill and eat whales when there is so many other things to eat, better yet we can easily all be vegetarian or vegans in this modern time

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
16 12 Apr 2011
There are actually a large number of Japanese people who are opposed to whaling...

emileee emileee NSW Posts: 514
17 12 Apr 2011
Hmmm.. bit sterotypical.
Japan isnt the only nation that hunts whale, nor are they the only nation to eat whale.
Maybe a bit more research is needed? Try googling Faroe Island Dolphin Massacre. Truely barbaric stuff. Happens in Denmark, Not Japan!

I also find it extremely racist to hate on all Asian countries. Look around, cruelty happens everywhere not just Asia.

piglover piglover NSW Posts: 29
18 12 Apr 2011
Even in australia, in some parts of australia they eat different types of animals it disgussed me.

piglover piglover NSW Posts: 29
19 12 Apr 2011
Sorry it dosent make sence  pig

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
20 12 Apr 2011
piglover said:
i know and they also chop sharks fins of and leave them to die so that they can eat it in there soup. disgusting pig
not much of that is Japan
that is run mainly by China's need for shark fin
abd is major in costa rica and worldwide AND ILLEGAL

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