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So I'm feeling kinda lonely of late D=

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Amelia! Amelia! QLD Posts: 143
31 11 Sep 2009
advoc8 said:
Animal Liberation QLD are fantastic. Why not go to some of their meetings. You can get active for animals with lots of like-minded people.
Thanks! Yea, I checked that place out the other day, but the website didn't look like it had been updated for a while =/

Teweesa! Teweesa! NSW Posts: 95
32 15 Sep 2009
I know the feeling. It's hard not knowing any like-minded people. The only other veggo's I know personally are my best friend's mum and a girl I hate (apart from being a veggo, there's NOTHING decent about her). So yes, I know how much it sucks.

Sadly when you come from a town of cheese, chances are there ain't gonna be a lot of support for veggo's.

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