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Dairy free supplement powder

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Squaawk  -  The Voice Squaawk - The Voice Ethiopia Posts: 118
1 20 Apr 2011
Does anyone know of you any good replacements for sustagen? Sustagen is chock full of vitamins but the powder has milk solids in it.. so im trying to find somethng like sustagen but is vegan friendly happy

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
2 20 Apr 2011
It depends on what your looking for. Are you wanting something that is really high in protein, something that is full of vitamins and minerals, or a bit of both?

Squaawk  -  The Voice Squaawk - The Voice Ethiopia Posts: 118
3 22 Apr 2011
um im wanting something that has lots of vitamins and minerals

KittyVegan KittyVegan VIC Posts: 203
4 25 Apr 2011
After alot of research, I went with this one happy
the reveiws have been great!

if you type vegan in th search tool hey have alot of other great stuff too! And cheap happy

Nuffy Nuffy Australia Posts: 2
5 10 May 2018
This product has been discontinued...