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Why...(don't get mad)

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Lights Lights NSW Posts: 6
1 11 Sep 2009
ok, first of all i don't want anyone to get mad or whatever about what i'm going to write...

I've noticed on this site that there's a lot of pressure to be vegan or vegetarian. I can't be either because my parentsa are totally against the whole thing (ive tried to talk to them about it, but they wont let me. they say its bad for a girl not to eat meat, and that i wont get enough iron- which is actually true) and it makes me feel really guilty. I want to help out- but i don't think that simply not eating animals is going to solve anything.

Id also like to know that if and when animals are trwated correctly is everyone still going to be vegan or vegetarian

rude answers will be ignored.

Shoogs Shoogs QLD Posts: 114
2 11 Sep 2009
I don't think that it's right that anyone should really feel pressured to adopt any particular diet - whether it's a herbivore pressuring an omnivore or vice versa. While I don't agree with eating or using the flesh of animals or their by-products for any reason (it frustrates and angers me no end), I would never forcibly pressure anyone to become a vegetarian or vegan - sometimes it only serves to taint our reputation which doesn't help when we're trying to get our message across. All I could do would be to educate them as best I could and present them with the facts and hope they make the best and right decision.

As for iron, a google search will bring up plenty of research suggesting that iron deficiency isn't as common in a vegetarian or vegan diet as most might think.

On the whole, research indicates that the dietary intake of iron by vegetarians, particularly in the case of vegans, meets or exceeds the RDI. The key question, however, is not how much iron is consumed, but how much is actually absorbed, and, consequently, whether the iron status of vegetarians and vegans is adequate.

Plant-based iron isn't absorbed as easily, but veg*ns generally have a high vitamin C intake, which enhances iron absorption. Most who choose to adopt veg*n diets will have researched and prepared enough so that they are still receiving the adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Studies show that iron deficiency is no more common in veg*ns than in the general population.

As for animals rights - most of us here realise that being a voice for animals is more than about simply not eating their flesh/by-products. That's why many of us constantly campaign and leaflet and sign petitions and write letters for a range of issues. Check out the `take action' page on this website. If the situation were to improve and animals were given the respect and justice they deserve, I'd still be a vegan. Of course. No question. By reverting back to an omnivorous diet, all of our hard work would have been in vain. Plus I have no desire to eat a living, breathing, sentient being. I never have and never will.

I applaud you for wanting to help. I think it's great! I understand that it can be difficult to choose your own diet when living at home with parents - but just remember, it doesn't have to stop you in the future happy You can 'do your bit' in the meantime by helping us campaign etc.

Joannaoj Joannaoj United Kingdom Posts: 33
4 11 Sep 2009
Hi Lights,

When I was 15 I didn't even know what a vegan was! I didn't go vegetarian until I was 21 and then not vegan until I was 22.

Individual's circumstances are all different and you should not feel guilty about not being able to do something that is simply impossible for you at this stage. It is more important for you to have a good relationship with your parents now, but at the same time - if you DO want to go veg - it might be good to provide them with some info like Shoogs noted above. Not everyone is going to go vegetarian or vegan, but it is still good to use these kinds of websites and get involved in these sorts of communities so that you are educated on the issues. That's what I think anyway happy

As for your question about animals being treated well. Animal welfare improvements to farmed animals have been made slowly and painfully over the last century, but it has become astoundingly clear that wherever there is someone making money from an animal, the animal's wellbeing will always be a lesser priority. Unfortunately, cruelty and profit go hand in hand and if there is more demand for animal products, there will be more cruelty. So, in reality, a truly well-cared for animal in a commercial farming system just does not exist and never well. That's human nature. "Humane farming" is like saying "Compassionate Holocaust" or "Kind war". It's an oxymoron. That is why so many people go vegan - we didn't start out vegan, we made the choice to go vegan because we simply saw no other option!

I think it's great that you clearly do care about animals and want to do what you can, otherwise why would you be here? Most people don't even bother to take that step. So well done to you!

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
5 11 Sep 2009
Lights said:
I want to help out- but i don't think that simply not eating animals is going to solve anything.
Okay, adopting a vegan/vegetarian diet does two things..

1. It saves the lives of 100 animals a year. This is a proven statistic.
2. It makes a statement. You're expressing to others you won't be a part of the cruelty inflcited to animals. You're expressing the fact that: farming animals is cruel -- I have other options which don't require the pain and slaughter of animals, so WHY WOULDN'T I take those over the pain+suffering option?

Lights said:
Id also like to know that if and when animals are trwated correctly is everyone still going to be vegan or vegetarian
First off, 'treated correctly' is a matter of opinion. Some believe a battery cage is treating a chicken correctly. When you discuss this topic, you must split the discussion into two: animal rights and animal welfare -- two very different things.

Ask yourself this question: Why does a severly handicapped person get rights that protect them from pain, suffering, exploitation and death, when a non-human primate, pig or dog (which is more intelligent) does not? The animal is proven to be more intelligent than the human and is proven to feel the same pain as the human. So, you may agree, the question begg, "why don't animals have the same rights?" It is this what people on this site will be most concerned about. We want rights to protect these animals from pain, suffering, exploitation and death. That means, animals will only be treated 'correctly' when they are not farmed at all for their flesh. People say 'humane farming' is the answer. But honestly ask yourself this: "When did killing an animal against its will (who is more intelligent than a handicapped person) become HUMANE?"

Animal welfare is the taking care of an animal while still exploiting it. For example, "let's ban battery cages for chickens and have them all free range." The animal welfarists end goal would be to have all animals raised 'free range.' However, as you can see, there is arguably a massive problem here: Why is ity justified exploit and kill an animal which is smarter than some humans? No animal wants to die -- why should we then kill it?

Etranger Etranger ACT Posts: 53
6 11 Sep 2009
Lights said:
Id also like to know that if and when animals are trwated correctly is everyone still going to be vegan or vegetarian

rude answers will be ignored.
I'll try not to be rude but that statement really gets under my skin. For myself if I were not a Vegan animals would not be treated as they deserve (I don't kill and eat my friends), so the statement is contradictory and meaningless.

Francis Francis VIC Posts: 286
7 11 Sep 2009
The reason there is pressure to be vegan on this site ( a site for people hwo believe in animal rights and are against animal cruelty) is that unless you are vegan, you are actively contributing to cruelty and rights abuses.
You cannot be against animal exploitation and yet still involve yourself in it.

And animals cannot be 'treated when being farmed.

I understand your predicament as far as family goes. That's nasty. I think you really ought to fight for. I'm sure your parents aren't into animal cruelty either...

And of course, everyone here is here to help.

Compostkitty Compostkitty NSW Posts: 780
8 11 Sep 2009
it is wrong when people force diets and lifestyles on people, but this site the majority is vegan or vegetarian to help stop animal cruelty.
while your at home its easier to do what your parents say to keep them happy. but you can alway limit your meat intake or see if your parents will do a meatless night once a week.
but as for your iron statement, im sorry but that not always true my family suffer from low iron  i had very low iron for years i was on iron tablets then moved to liquid iron,so my family were concerned when i went vegan but i know have a healthy iron level and even went through a pregnancy without it dropping, im still very healthy with no meat at all or any other animal products.

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
9 11 Sep 2009
NO disrespect here
but why unleashed heavily promotes veganism is its THE ONLY REAL WAY TO COMMITTING 2 END ANIMAL ABUSE
in my opinion the animals need voices not excuses
they need people who Actually care and dont say yer i care about animals but i cant get iron( Which is heavily wrong and misconcieved)


my family all eats meat and i am healthier than i have even been and not eaten meat in 2 years

Jacqui T Jacqui T NSW Posts: 796
10 11 Sep 2009
I've noticed this too.
Unleashed itself I think is quite alright with helping out with meat eaters- giving a vast variety of rights that need to be taken care of that can be without being a vegetarian. Im sorr, once again in a forum today I will have to put a negative vibe on Peta..unlike Peta, Unleashed gives you the chance to be a meat eater, Peta tries to conform EVERYONE into being a veg basically saying you cant really love animals without being a vegetarian (experienced this with Peta supporters in Sydney before MCR concert)
I absolutely support that you are an animal lover without being veg, most vets and animal helpers are meat eaters. I think the part where you see the influence is in the forums. Thing you have to realise is the majority of people on here are non meat eaters, it is a topic that most of us understand that is why it is spoken about a lot- if anyone is trying to influence or make you veg on this then shame on them.. its your life you don't need to be judged.
Just look for forum topics that have nothing to do with veg foods or whatever and you will be convinced that we aren't here to force you. happy

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