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Veganism on Oprah

Today at 1pm!

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LaurenVegan LaurenVegan VIC Posts: 37
1 9 May 2011
I don't usually watch daytime tv but my Mum messaged me and told me this was on,I remember it being on the news or whatever when she actually did it but the actual episode is apparently going to be on today! Just thought I'd let everyone know happy

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
2 9 May 2011
I'll watch it. happy Apparently she makes veganism look hard though.

LaurenVegan LaurenVegan VIC Posts: 37
3 9 May 2011
Yeah I was wondering if she would make it seem easy or not. But I guess she would look pretty bad going back to being omni (or whatever she was beforehand) if she made it seem easy!