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vegetarian food

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christi christi VIC Posts: 26
1 10 May 2011
lookatmedose anyone know any easy to make vegetarian food cause like i don't know any recipes also i don't eat like dinner most of the week cause my family is always eating something with MEAT sad lookatme

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
2 10 May 2011
Just substitute! Easy happy

Can you cook yourself? Will your folks buy you veg food?

You can make anything vegetarian. For example - pizza (w/o the meat), lasange/stew/curries/ tacos/nachos/burritos (use tinned beans/lentils), kebabs (use Falafel), 3 veg & meat meal, pasta (tomato or cream based sauce). Learn to love lentils, mushrooms & veggies!

Buy or borrow a cookbook to give you ideas!

Check out the mock meats available at your local supermarket:

- Sanitarium soy snags, bacon, hotdogs, patties (near the cheese section & in the freezer)
- Fry's schnitzel, snags, patties, chicken strips, cottage pie (freezer section)
- Tofu chunks, slabs, patties, snags (near the cheese section)

KittyLover KittyLover VIC Posts: 281
3 10 May 2011
I just made the easiest thing.. Steamed rice, cut up tofu, pasta sauce from a jar and cheezly.

I put it all in a bowl and put in the microwave for 3mins and it's all done...  It was YUM happy

I must admit, I'm a very lazy cook. Haha