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Pescetarians are NOT vegetarians!

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Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
91 31 Oct 2012
Pegs said:
I think we should all come up with different titles. Like:

A vegetarian is someone who doesn't eat meat WHAT SO EVER
A…pesectarian only eats FISH
A…Eegan…(tongue) only eats eggs but no other animal products
A…Degan…is someone who eats dairy
A…Heegan…is someone who only eats honey

Wow, I'm quite a demented person! tongue
Hmm, what about people who eat chicken as well as fish?

By the way, "Eegan Deegan and Heegan" are pretty funny.

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
92 31 Oct 2012
lividlotus said:
That's true. Not a lot of people give a thought about other 'seafood' when they're going vegetarian [hence why I mentioned pearls … really hope fellow veg*ns aren't wearing any!].
Though it is very considerate of you to be asking more just to make sure happy
Well, i like this brand of seaweed and it says its vegan. Would it be animal friendly?

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
93 31 Oct 2012
'Pescetarians are NOT Vegetarians!'

.                  -            .

there wouldn't be a word if it was the same thing

Wildlife crusader Wildlife crusader New Zealand Posts: 3
94 9 Nov 2012
What i get alot is people saying ohhhhh your vegetarian.. but you still eat fish right??

Ahhhhh no..

Velouria Velouria VIC Posts: 107
95 9 Nov 2012
No, there definitely not and they shouldn't consider themselves that, I think perhaps they might say it just because they're lazy to explain what a Pescetarian is, before when I first started this journey I use to tell people I was a Pescetarian and they would say "What's that?'  I always made an effort to explain and inform them  'no I'm not a vegetarian.'  

Am now though : )

But aside from that I like to think at least they're perhaps heading in that direction and if not that's their personal choice, but yes that shouldn't  mis-inform people

maddygrace maddygrace VIC Posts: 4
96 9 Nov 2012
I think for a lot of people completely abstaining from meat and dairy and all other animal byproducts is hard. It's so normalized in our society and so it often can be difficult to eat out if your social group is not vegetarian or vegan.

If you are not prepared and don't think about whether or not there will be suitable food for you at a party (especially hard for young people) then it can be difficult to resist the temptation.

I don't think we should be promoting divisiveness though. The ultimate goal is to help spread awareness and if people eat less meat then that's progress. If some people call themselves vegetarian and occasionally eat meat then they're still on their journey to becoming more aware.

I really don't like it when vegetarians or vegans are pious and sanctimonious about it. Being a know-it-all or getting all red-faced and shouty doesn't get the message across. It's not accessible, it just deters people. It's not about making people feel guilty or talking down to people. If your friends (peers, colleagues) genuinely don't know the definition of vegetarian then don't call them out on it in public, that could potentially humiliate them or cause them to react in a defensive way and disregard anything else you have to say. Maybe just bring up topics with them in a calm way and just give them the facts slowly.

Small steps, people.

I think it's important to positively acknowledge people who make any effort at all to be informed, especially those who try and eat less meat - even if they slip up every now and then.

But these kinds of forums where you talk badly of people who may not be as informed as you are is not the right approach. Imagine someone who does call themselves a vegetarian and had been eating meat occasionally but wanted to become more committed and learn more and chose to visit this forum... do you think they'd feel like it was an inclusive environment that welcomes people in all stages of "becoming veg(an)" ?

It has taken me four years of on again off again veganism to finally feel ready to commit! Some people are ready straight away, others are not. Spread the message with kindness and humour - it will reach more people.

Power Of Speech Power Of Speech NSW Posts: 7
97 10 Nov 2012
lividlotus said:
Though speaking of oysters, I hope you vegetarians/vegans here aren't wearing any pearls … just saying~
Oh, hadn't thougth about that (still new, I guess). What is the process of obtaining pearls? It didn't even cross my mind that it wasn't vegetarian (and that's why I love this site - completely skipped over the thoughts on jewellery without you guys).

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
98 10 Nov 2012
Wildlife crusader said:
What i get alot is people saying ohhhhh your vegetarian.. but you still eat fish right??

Ahhhhh no..
just say " I didn't know you studied marine biology? "

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