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PC Gamers

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JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
1 29 May 2011
Do we have any PC gamers here?
I'm not talking about people who play games on miniclip or crap like that, I mean real gamers.

So, if that's you then -
1. Do you have Steam? Give me an add, my Username is the same as on here.
2. What Multi-Player/Co-Op games are you playing/thinking of getting?
You can also post about anything else you are playing/thinking of playing (including Single Player) or for anyone's opinions on the topic.

I don't know if there will be many on here, but I've got my fingers crossed.

2 29 May 2011
You would love my house. LANS and vegan treats most weekends, Haha!

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
3 29 May 2011
You would love my house. LANS and vegan treats most weekends, Haha!
I think you may have just described heaven. XD

ok ok NSW Posts: 232
4 29 May 2011
not very related... but my bf just got DJ hero on xbox... is awesome!

Emilia Emilia WA Posts: 285
5 29 May 2011
Counter Strike Source
Team Fortress 2
GoldenEye Source

I run my own gaming community/forum.

I go to RF LAN in WA.

Search [S] Emilia on Steam happy

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
6 29 May 2011
Yes I am.
I haven't been playing many games lately because of uni and stuff, but I will be starting to play more soon when it finishes XD
I finally got around to finishing Portal this week, and now I am going to start playing Portal 2 =)
Steam addy is the same as my username.

AmyAmeliaRose AmyAmeliaRose WA Posts: 119
7 30 May 2011
My steam account is 'AmyAmeliaRose'
I have portal 2, but thats about it for co-op games

ezql ezql WA Posts: 54
8 4 Apr 2012
You would love my house. LANS and vegan treats most weekends, Haha!
thread necro here.

invite pl0x

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
9 4 Apr 2012
Old thread but heeey why not?

My steam is Deespark (i'm pretty sure). Only new to the whole PC gaming thing though, so only have one game (Skyrim). Hoping to get some more when I have more money (so yeah... that'll take ages)

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
10 4 Apr 2012
Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2

Is a free HL2 Mod, if you have any Halflife2 platform game,
inc cs:s and sometimes i'm on dod:s...

But yes, source games = you can use this Mod and it is Free,
lots of good times and novelties.

Aus community is poor, so usually play in U.S.
but I tried to get a community going for a bit.

PVK2  love

It isn't much like Age of Chivalry but that is free mod too.

for those who don't know, counter strike was a mod of day of defeat,
so mod doesn't mean it lacks anything..

PVK2 has dragon maps where you can fly dragons around and stuff,
but it is a lil awkward at the moment while it is being developed...

I love how it is always changing and so incomplete,
makes for crazy fun... like randomly launching off ladders,
50ft into the air over the ship you were trying to climb on and unload your booty.

You can fire cannons and fight on ships caught over a whirlpool,
or actually the variety of maps is huge.

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