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Need a vegan one with fluoride.

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Hayley. J Hayley. J VIC Posts: 143
1 4 Jun 2011
So, I'm not really sure which toothpaste I should be using- Previoulsy I was using Riddell's Creek Organic toothpaste but my dentist told me I need to be using one that has fluoride in it.
I really just need a vegan friendly toothpaste which has fluoride or something. I'm trying to phase out all my non-vegan products and I don't want to keep using this Colgate toothpaste that he gave me!
Any advice? happy

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
2 4 Jun 2011
There are sooooo many Toothpaste past forum posts on here I'm sure one of them contains fluoride. Check it out maybe?

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
3 4 Jun 2011
Water has substantial amounts of fluoride added to it, so you do not need a toothpaste with added fluoride unless you are drinking tank water as it has none.
Some studies have actually suggested that consuming too much fluoride can actually be a bad thing...

ok ok NSW Posts: 232
4 4 Jun 2011
Your dentist is a moron. I use organic toothpaste and my teeth havn't changed in 3 years...

Kick Kick VIC Posts: 540
5 4 Jun 2011
Mm.. We already ingest so much fluoride, why would we need it in our toothpaste?

In fact, some toothpastes are marketed specifically as not having any added fluoride. This is a vegan brand that does just that and can be purchased in supermarkets, places like Priceline or online:

I personally recommend the Smokers one because it definitely whitens your teeth without a ridiculous price tag. I think each markets for about $2.80.

Hayley. J Hayley. J VIC Posts: 143
6 4 Jun 2011
I did have a check of one of the previous threads about toothpaste on here but I couldn't really find one that I could readily get. And I thought that about water as well, I don't drink tank water, I would have thought it would have been fine using the toothpaste I have :|
**edit. thanks for that link, I saw it in previous posts as well! It seems like a good idea happy

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
7 4 Jun 2011
White Glo is pretty much everywhere, I'm sure they'd have added flouride.

Kick Kick VIC Posts: 540
8 4 Jun 2011
Can't you get this one at your supermarket? I think most Coles stock the Herbal version which is quite nice.

What specifically did the dentist say about the fluoride?

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
9 4 Jun 2011
Fluoride is not an essential nutrient. No disease has ever been linked to a fluoride deficiency. Humans can have perfectly good teeth without it.
There is quite a bit of controversy about the safety of fluoride. Many believe it to be a poison (myself included).

Mercury fillings are dangerous too, they have been banned in other countries, but Aussie dentists still put them in teeth. Doctors and dentists don't always know best (actually, my current doctor is quite an idiot).

Sorry if it sounds like I'm preaching. Just trying to help.

Hayley. J Hayley. J VIC Posts: 143
10 4 Jun 2011
Probably! I will definitely be able to look out at Priceline and Amcal or something happy
I can't remember exactly what he said, but I believe it could have to do with the white marking on a few of my back teeth... I'll have to ask again when I go on Monday.  I didn't really think that using that toothpaste he gave me could be the only way to ensure healthy teeth and prevention of decay and what not!

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