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Meat Free Mondays

Let's try to encourage people to make a simple change

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EarthDefender EarthDefender QLD Posts: 270
1 5 Jun 2011
I know that most of my friends and family will never give up meat. Though if i can encourage them to eat alternatives every now and then, then I am preventing at least one less animal meal.

I'm resurrecting my blog and want to provide a meal plan for fb friends so that they can easily see and access tried and true recipes.

I encourage you to do the same! I know most of you are awesome cooks, and if not, know what other awesome foods are out there. If you can try to persuade/suggest people to try alternatives, then it might make a little differencehappy

My blog isn't very pretty, and i hope there aren't too many typos, but here it is, to get the idea

a. a. VIC Posts: 82
2 6 Jun 2011
I like this philosophy. Some people will not be changed and if you continuously try too hard to impose your ideas, you start to become a pest. So meat-free mondays is a good compromise- every little bit helps

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
3 6 Jun 2011
I like it. There are so many good vegetarian meals out there. Promoting meat free mondays would be awesome.

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
4 6 Jun 2011
It's funny you mention this because I chose to do my English speech on meat, and at the end I will be talking about "Meat Free Mondays" and talking about the impact that not eating meat just one day a week will have happy

In a perfect world, everyone would be Vegan, but for now I think we need to start small as some people are really stuck in their ways.

Val Val NSW Posts: 339
5 10 Jun 2011
I think this is an excellent idea! I think every little thing people do at all to cut-out cruelty is still a great step! happy