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Cariad Farm Animal Sanctuary Visit

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Glenn Glenn QLD Posts: 48
1 7 Jun 2011
Hello Everyone,

I had the best day in a long time yesterday!!!! Eddie & I went down to visit Cariad Farm Animal Sanctuary (just inside NSW) & it was amaaaazing!!! I have never really had much interaction with farm animals, and to see these rescued animals in a free and loving environment was amazing!! The owner, Darren was a great guy & really cares about these animals. He has rescued pigs, cows, horses, geese, goats and sheep and is mainly funding it himself. He's doing a fantastic job.

The animals are absolutely beautiful! The pigs are so social, lol if they are standing & you start to rub their bellies, they often fall to their side for some more love happy...the cow Bella was so beautiful, the goat was cheeky, ahh it was just incredible! It was really nice and just another thing I have done that confirms everything about being Vegan & why it's the best choice ive ever made ecstatic!!!

I added a few photos from the day in My Photos on this site happy - & check out the website!!!

Have fun,

Emilia Emilia WA Posts: 285
2 7 Jun 2011
Those pigs look so happy! Lazing around in the grass and sun.

Do they have names?

Milo Milo VIC Posts: 31
3 7 Jun 2011
It seems like an awesome day! On the net, I have found another sanctuary in Melbourne similar to that one.. As soon as I get back to Melbourne, I will call for a visit! I wanna experience what you did! Cheers

Emilia Emilia WA Posts: 285
4 7 Jun 2011
I tried doing a Google search, but I couldn't find anything like this around Perth.

Does anyone know if there is one?

Glenn Glenn QLD Posts: 48
5 10 Jun 2011
Yup Emilia, they have names, but there were so many animals that I only remembered a few hehe, my memory is terrible! I wanna go back soon & help him out a bit happy

Defs worth it Milo! puts things back into perspective!!