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Who loves wolves!!!!!

I do!

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Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
11 14 Jun 2011
Moo Moo said:
Tigers are hunted for fur, teeth and bones!!! Some cultures think that the crushed bones of a tiger will make you strong or brave.
I think this might have been misinterpreted over time. In the time when subconscious was strong, and intent could be smelt on the air. You would have to be damn brave to hunt and kill a tiger in your leafy daks with the want to crush up their bones to use as baby power or something.

So yes, if you were to crush up the bones of a tiger, you would be brave and strong. haha.

But anyway... it is said that.. there is no human record of a Wolf ever killing a human; or a human ever dying by a Wolf.. unless in defense I am guessing. But I found it interesting.

Guns just meant tribesman didn't have to respect the fear of those animals, and their individual space.. and they probably broke naive from that fear, and rather be a man by shooting it down; when treading on the land of the real hunters.

I have heard people observe a hunting expedition in America, where the animal ie. in this case elephant is chained up (an in a fenced off area) while a 'hunter' shoots it.. (paying lots of money to do so also).and it is mostly wounded or.. unfit already. And were all uppity when the person who was on vacation queried the skill in it, and practice.

Think I could feel a bond with an orca and or land dwelling wolf.

There was a documentary about a group of orcas in this bay, where by they made a deal with the humans... who would go out in their boats frequently (at the right times) to hunt large whales. I am talking small cruddy boats, with little more than wooden harpoons. And after time, the orcas would heard the large whales into the bay for the humans to kill for food... as long as the fisher/whalesmen left the carcass out over night first.. so the orcas could take the tongue.. apparently a delicacy to them. But one orca got beached.. and a man killed it... or something along those lines, and the trust and friendship was broken.

Funny, a human breaks trust and animals can only turn and leave (if the option is available). An animal breaks a humans' trust.. and it would be hunted down and killed. maybe the restriction allows these intellects a more humble existence.. well towards people at least.

Just an interesting concept.

but yaw.. I quite am intrigued by wolves.would like to stay with them at some point.
some removed place.

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian VIC Posts: 119
12 3 Dec 2014
I LOVE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Georgie2 Georgie2 NSW Posts: 6
13 31 Dec 2014
I love wolves too! And when it comes to fur, I think it looks better on a wolf than a person.

Nymeria Nymeria QLD Posts: 6
14 3 Feb 2015
I love wolves, they are beautiful creatures.

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