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Glenn Glenn QLD Posts: 48
1 10 Jun 2011
Hey Everyone!!! After seeing the wonders of the Vitamix at a demonstration, a wise man (lol actually not me) thought it would be a good idea to see if we could get a discounted price if we could get 10+ people to buy one. The National Sales guy got back to me & is willing to give us $150 off each vitamix as long as it's on one invoice & ...sent to the one place (then everyone can pick it up!!)!!

This machine is amazing!! You can blend up beautiful smooth juices (adding nuts, seeds, anything), you can even throw in your veggies, & it keeps blending it & warms it up into a soup! Check out the website:!!!!

The price he is offering is $749 if 10-19 people buy it!! 20+ people and we can get it for $675. This machine comes with a 7year warranty, includes delivery & GST!!!!! I know it's still expensive but a lot cheaper than the $1000 odd dollars originally.

Please let me know if anyone is keen ecstatic! Thanks, woo xo

Kick Kick VIC Posts: 540
2 10 Jun 2011
The link doesn't work for me.. :S

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
3 10 Jun 2011
Kick said:
The link doesn't work for me.. :S
Give this one a go -

Glenn Glenn QLD Posts: 48
4 10 Jun 2011
Whoopsie! Thanks Jordanwts happy

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
5 10 Jun 2011
Even at that price, I still can't afford it.
I've wanted a Vitamix for ages.

psychokitten psychokitten QLD Posts: 340
6 10 Jun 2011
I hadn't heard about these.
I have a Thermomix
They have a Vegetarian cookbook out for it too

ok ok NSW Posts: 232
7 10 Jun 2011
Man, i would love one! but i so poor at the moment sad