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Mouse Plague

How can I evict them nicely from my ceiling?

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Desiree Desiree SA Posts: 35
1 21 Jun 2011
I live in a country town, driving at night at the moment you can see the hundreds of mice trying to cross the road.  Neighbouring farms are poisoning the mice, Im just trying to illustrate how many there are.  I can hear them scurrying in the ceiling and they cant stay there, my cats have killed 3 that I know of, I found two trapped in rolls of wrapping paper so managed to take them outside before the cats had more victims,, but I need to know how to get rid of them without killing them.  If I cant, my father in law is going to to bait them, and I REALLY dont want that.  Have tried:
Bucket trap: Peanut butter on an oiled glass bottle, mice fall in bucket, NO water in bucket (peanut butter missing, did they crawl out of the bucket??  It was prett high)
Peppermint oil:  sprayed up the man hole

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you  peace

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
2 21 Jun 2011
yes definetly try a repellent . you can get those things that sound an really high pitch thing that we cant here [ oi forget the word]

you have to check thats its one thats pet safe .... woulnt want ur cats leaving happy

so yeah something like that , that will make living in there not so great....

i keep finding mice dirt in my cereal cupboard :/

Desiree Desiree SA Posts: 35
3 29 Jun 2011
Just an update!

The bucket trap has worked!  four little mice found their way there and were released into the wild! (far from my house and far from farms!) YEA!