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My last night <3

pleasseeee read :D

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Cailyn Cailyn QLD Posts: 167
1 23 Jun 2011
well my last night was pretty full on , vegetarian meat balls sorta flew out the window when we decided to go get puppies from a puppy mill just out of town ... we went to the ladies house and sure enough the dogs we were collecting were there in the back of a truck .. ( we think there are many others round back in filthy cages) . We collected four dogs , 3 girls and 1 boy , there names were , co-coa, rastus, holly and jaz .. but we changed them .. to , alaska, gulliver, willow and baliee ... when we got them home they were riddled in fleas and terrified as we think the lady might have hurt them because they flinch everytime you go to touch them :/ ... but anyway we bathed them and combed them and groomed them ... they are the cutest dogs , little maltesers . We then took three of them out to there new foster carer until they find a new home ecstatic .. we have one with us now and shes going to her foster mums house late ... Her name is Willow and shes a darl .. i just  thought that i would share this because its amazing to see that not only these dogs but many others would have been treated bad even worse im glad i got to help and give them a second chance at life ..... im even think about asking mum if we can have her love

Pegs Pegs VIC Posts: 1538
2 23 Jun 2011
Awww, thats awesome! I would love to foster an animal, but my parents are such party poopers!

Cailyn Cailyn QLD Posts: 167
3 23 Jun 2011
yeahh mum said we can foster once we fix the fencee sooo looks like im fixing the fence soon happy

Cherry Pie Cherry Pie VIC Posts: 144
4 23 Jun 2011
I love 2 foster 1 but if I ask my mum she will say yes but my dad on the other hand why can't some parents understand were we r coming from angry bye

Cailyn Cailyn QLD Posts: 167
5 27 Jun 2011
i completely agree !! same with my family but eh , dad will have to learn to with it .. as he learnt to live with me ... its the way i am happy what can ya do  paw turtle

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
6 27 Jun 2011
thats amazing. im so happy that you were able to save those gawjus dogs. the best of luck to them finding new homes.