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We Are The Vego Generation!

I like that much more than Gen Why? ;)

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Jane Jane SA Posts: 168
1 22 Jul 2011
I saw this yesterday and love that a 72 year old former High Court Judge can see that animals are sentient beings and a path to enlightenment would involve not eating them happy

If you'd mentioned the words "72 year old former High Court Judge" to me yesterday - I *may* have visualised a stuffy pompous old guy, not a totally cool dude I'd be proud to call my Grandpa! happy

Anyhoo, Judge Kirby says the younger generation are more likely to be vegetarian and that we are providing "a new wave of thinking on the rights of animals."

Do you think some older adults just don't get it? Or he totally wrong, and everyone can go veg? Do you know more older or younger vegos?

2 22 Jul 2011
I definitely know more younger people interested in discussing animal rights.
Actually, whenever any adults hear that I'm vegetarian they usually feel the need to go on some long-winded rant about how vegetarianism is wrong.
TBH, I think this may have two main driving factors..
1. THe information is quite easily accessible about animal cruelty and such. We a raised in a world where there a documentaries like that on four corners and questions being asked about animal cruelty. People of past generations were raised with a focus on different values and attitudes.
2. Much older people, like my grandparents, come from places where they lived on farms and used to kill their own animals. They were desensitised to this process and furthermore tend to believe that all animals are treated like this. On small farms with farmers like they were, they are unaware of commercial farms. (My grandparents are examples of these people).

I know those are generalisations, but they hold true for most of the people I know. tongue

rottweiler rottweiler SA Posts: 1907
3 22 Jul 2011
I also sort of think, to go on with what your saying ^^^.. That information and big animal issues are on the internet, GENERALLY.. And the older generation isn't so much on the internet- so the information isn't AS readily available to them.. And because they're old, they believe the way they live is fine.. Because they've been living that way for so many years..

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
4 22 Jul 2011
Yeah I agree.
Whenever the topic of vegetarianism/veganism comes up amongst my older family members (Auntys, Uncles etc.) they seem to always make some smart-ass comments, or feel the need to talk about how amazing the taste of meat is and how they couldn't live without...
Whereas most younger people even if they aren't veg*an themselves, will be completely acceptable and sometimes even interested in the fact that I'm vegan.

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
5 23 Jul 2011
I think though, for each decade the youngest geneartion is going to be the most open to new ideas, liberal and able to source new information from new technology.

rottweiler rottweiler SA Posts: 1907
6 23 Jul 2011
Callum said:
I think though, for each decade the youngest geneartion is going to be the most open to new ideas, liberal and able to source new information from new technology.
I agreee!