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Sydney Leafleting Canceled Due to Dust Storm

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Angie Angie NSW Posts: 36
1 23 Sep 2009
Hi guys,
I posted earlier today in the original thread that we would wait and see if the dust clears, but since then there have been several health alerts on the news urging people who can, to stay in all day, as the pollution level is so high...

So sorry about that, but we can't help the weather! Can those who said they were coming please contact me to let me know you have seen this... thanks!! kitty

Mel Mel NSW Posts: 289
2 23 Sep 2009
Everything is a weird colour in the sky!

Shirley Shirley NSW Posts: 108
3 26 Sep 2009
aww lol, speaking of orange duststorms.
i made a flyer for sydney to help promote us
it is orange and im  followed the unleashed colour theme, oh and i was wondering have the graphic designers here come up with a logo for unleashed ecstatic