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Veganism as a cover for anorexia?

How can i convince people it's not?

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sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
1 2 Aug 2011
I have recently been diagnosed with anorexia, and now that I'm out of hospital I'm in outpatient treatment to get better. I've only had one session, but the psych told me that he is concerned about my veganism, as many use it as a cover to stay away from "bad" foods - fatty meat, cakes etc. He advised my parents to make me eat meat as well, even though they said they didn't think the two things were correlated.

This could not be less true for me, I love animals and was vegan before I even thought about losing weight. Does anybody have any ideas how to convince the psych to understand that?

Thanks so much for the help happy

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
2 2 Aug 2011
Oh wow I find that horrible that he told your parents to feed you meat!!
You could try explaining the reasons why you're vegan, and why you're so passionate about animals? How is he otherwise?
Sorry to hear about your anorexia and I wish you well with your treatment.

Pegs Pegs VIC Posts: 1538
3 2 Aug 2011
Do you have any veg friends that aren't anorexic? Or maybe you could bring a magazine full of skinny people and say 'Wow, look how skinny these OMNIVORES are!'

Jessica Jessica VIC Posts: 121
4 2 Aug 2011
Obviously we don't know how your being treated and what things are being put into place and don't want to muck you around with it so these are just suggestions that could be applied. The thing that comes to my mind is that you need to show your psychologist how veganism is healthy and how you intend to make it work with your treatment.

You could write up a few meal plans or day plans that work with your treatment and show/explain it as well as what you know about vegan nutrition for example through something like a diagram of the different things you need and what you can get them from.

Also if you were a healthy vegan before you started wanting to lose weight try talking a bit about that time, how you managed it then and the reasons you chose to be veg as well as why you believe you can manage it in you recovery.

I wish you the best.

sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
5 2 Aug 2011
Thank you so much to everybody happy
He said he is not against veganism, but he would prefer that I eat "normally" and later become vegan again without the "voice of anorexia" impacting on my decision. That's okay, I was a healthy vegan before this and my parents have told him so so i think things will be okay. The meal plan idea is also really good, as well as explaining why I am vegan in the first place. Oh and yes I have a couple of vegetarian, non-anorexic friends, not vegan though but it shouldn't really make much of a difference happy

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
6 2 Aug 2011
Your psych would have to have some inkling of basic nutrition I'm sure. Myabe if you showed him you were willing to eat "good" fats like nuts, avocado, etc. he might be less worried.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
7 2 Aug 2011
vegan is a positive experience I think.. for me it makes me think positively about finding something I actually would/want to eat... which is a huuuugeee improvement... when for me eating is an obligation.. and even water is an imposition. Lol.

when there is too much yuck to choose from... restricting yourself to your moral compass helps you nut out why you actually don't enjoy food also. so hopefully it will be a nice experience for you.. you don't have to tell them anything just stick with it and don't let their protrusions for self justification get to you when they are just not self conscious about the same things.. and when they are often boring and just don't get it either way

seashell seashell NSW Posts: 2
8 3 Aug 2011
omg, I'm a vegan with anorexia too and this is my experience exactly! It's frustrating. But I guess psychs are used to seeing sneaky ways of restricting food so they have to be suss even when it's a genuine and healthy choice of diet.  Do you see a dietician as well as a psych? I find this helps as the dietician can make you a meal plan with a high (normal? haha) amount of calories so your psych can see that you're not restricting and that there are alternatives to meat,eggs and dairy that have the same nutritional value. And that there are "bad" vegan foods too! (hello: oreos, chips, skittles, soy ice cream. sigh)
Good luck with your recovery! stay tough   happy

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
9 4 Aug 2011
going to a psych would be the only negative influence on my mind there would be in my life.. lol!!! apart from my intensive expectations of myself, but that is only a negative thing when is restricted

those people represent  'my mind is a bird cage'... and every other caging use of words.

also they boring.. lol...

I just go from intuition... but.... I think the whole configuration of the health care system and their views of physiology cause most of the illnesses they are 'there to treat'...

for the most part in their individual attitude... which is ironic... that they are as typical as they make the people they see out to be by using diagnosis to encapsulate ... when they are often the ones.. typically close minded and hinding/running from themselves... in such a society... the open minded and those willing to seek unknown ideas and dark places of thought (again only dark by shade of the big ugly metal tree of humanity)... run into problems... when forming a challenge to the minds of the unwilling to see anything in thought. just a threat they offence with smugness and terms that carry no meaning...  rolling the 'di'agnosis of ambiguity as they please

lol I love thinking... hence why... I dislike those that live off unfed minds reverberations ('talking about problems' when the problem is having to even explain ones self to begin with)

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
10 4 Aug 2011
Agreed. I CANNOT talk to those people. its so werid. letting them into your mind. i refuse. i have my issues but i would rather deal with them myself then pay someone else .

maybe its for some people. But not me ....

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