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What would you do if your best (animal) friend had a week to live?

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Shonnie Shonnie NSW Posts: 237
1 16 Aug 2011
To cut a long story short my mentally challenged dog pretty much has a week to live. He has developed an intestinal disorder which no longer allows for him to digest his food. We have one more test next Monday (the results are in Wednesday) but if he has lost any more weight by Monday, I'm calling it. As it is, he lost 700gms this last week and he pretty much is emaciated. He no longer has any fat and is now chewing up his muscles to stay alive. I just want to make this week the happiest week of his life. He's currently sleeping next to me on my bed (and loving it!) and I'm planning to spend every free minute I have with him. That's a lot of sleeping in and watching tv!

I'm sorry there is no real point to this post, but I needed to talk. I have tears pouring down my face as I type this and finding it really hard to believe that the wonderful, most gracious friend of my life will probably not be sleeping next to me this time next week.

KittyLover KittyLover VIC Posts: 281
2 16 Aug 2011
Oh sad  I am so sorry,

I have tears in my eyes sad

I would just spend every minute with him, I'd take the week off work and just hug him as much as I could.

Is he still eating??

If he was, I'd be giving hin his fave foods.

katherooni katherooni SA Posts: 209
3 16 Aug 2011
oh that makes me sad!! can he walk around? my dog loves the park and the beach...but she also loves cuddles on the couch...are you staying home this week? I think i would

Shonnie Shonnie NSW Posts: 237
4 16 Aug 2011
I wish I could stay home this week, but I have to work to pay for the vet sad I have the whole weekend of and I'm not planning to leave the house.

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
5 16 Aug 2011
If he were my dog, and I only had one week left, I'd be spending the next week hysterically crying my eyes out, and spending every last second with him. cry

I'm so sorry to hear you have to go through this. I can't imagine how I'd feel if it were my little girl.

KittyLover KittyLover VIC Posts: 281
6 16 Aug 2011
Well, Just give him as much love as you can. I'm sure he has had the best life with you, and he knows you love him happy  

Take lots of photos of him and you together, make a video of him, take his paw prints, and just keep reminding him how much you love him.

I really feel for you, Give your man a hug and kiss from me.

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
7 16 Aug 2011
I thought my dog Sheba was going to leave me suddenly a few months ago, with her bone cancer. I know how you feel. Luckily Sheba is still with me for now thanks to chemo, but I know that feeling is just around the corner waiting to come back.

I'm sorry that you are faced with it. sad When it happened to me, I spent the entire weekend in tears. Then I decided I had to toughen up for her and I took her for lots of walks (her favourite thing in the world.)
I took my camera and took photos of her playing on her walk and then I even video recorded her walking. From the lead down to her, as if I could watch it again and it would look like I was walking her again.
Sounds a bit funny I know, but it was her and my fav thing to do together and we had a lot of bonding and I grew up walking her. So I don't want to lose that. I just took a few videos of her walking infront of me. happy
She is quite a sooky girl and looks quite miserable just sitting around at home, so for her.. it was to be out and about. Then the horrible weather hit but now she's just enjoying sleeping on the bed with me. She is spoilt. happy

Think about the important things with your baby and find a way to hold on to them when they are gone.

I bought Sheba a new collar earlier in the year (before any hint of illness) I just wanted to know that when she did go, she would have a lovely collar for me to put on my dresser..

....... oh this is a sad thread. sad

I feel for you, I hope you are both okay. What a horrible part of our lives. sad

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
8 17 Aug 2011
sad to hear =(  your not just another dog owner and ur baby is not just another dog so were here fo you
i cant even deal with the thought of losing my babies. I would just let them be as happy as possible and do the things they enjoy - just as i wwould want.

when my 8 yr old Border collie developed a lump on his nose that had eaten into the bone we didnt feel very positive after the vet said it looked like cancer. i was so scared i just sat with him, walked him, and prayed like a mad woman and i seriously said id give 10 years off my life to get 10 on him!! . .... the lump grew back after removal but we got our miracle as it was benign

anyway since feeding homeade vegan food the lump has stayed down. the hole in his skull - keeping an eye on.

all the best to you and keep us updated xxxxxxxxxxxx scariest thing =( i also shed maaaaannny tears

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
9 17 Aug 2011
Don't worry about there being "no point" to this post, you need support and we're here for you! I don't really know what to say hun.. sad Maybe take him to the beach and let him run around play in the water and get reaaaaal dirty? I'm so sorry to hear... if you ever need to talk I'm here. My dog died a short while ago from what we think was a snake bite... it's really hard losing someone so close.. but I can't imagine how you're feeling, especially seeing as you have the date of when he is passing on... hugs and love... love

Emilia Emilia WA Posts: 285
10 17 Aug 2011
Do you have a car?

If he can't walk then drive him somewhere nice and just sit together, so he can take in all the smells and things.

I do that with Missy when I can.

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