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When the origin isn't stated, do you avoid it?

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Hayley. J Hayley. J VIC Posts: 143
1 6 Sep 2011
Since it can come from an animal or plant source, what do you guys do when that source isn't stated? Do you give it the benefit of the doubt or just avoid it unless you know? I've heard that in food, it's generally of plant origin?

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
2 6 Sep 2011
Personally I avoid it unless it says it's from vegetable origin (or I contact the manufacturer).
I think it can commonly be from both plant and animal origin, and it can also be synthetic.

I really haven't come across that many things I want to buy that have it as an ingredient, so it's easy for me to avoid. But it's entirely up to you whether you avoid it or not happy

lividlotus lividlotus NSW Posts: 301
3 7 Sep 2011
I steer clear unless I know for sure as well.
Plus even if it's food, you know the majority of people still view meat-based as food .. so again, unless they state it's plant-based, it's not for me.