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Ingredients to watch out for

Can anyone tell me, or point me int the direction of a list of common "no no" i

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RoseDuke RoseDuke QLD Posts: 4
1 7 Sep 2011
I'm in the process of going from vego to vegan.

At the moment, shopping is taking me hours, because I have to check the ingredients panel on everything, and then google the ingredients on my phone to see what they are.  

I'm sure there are millions of ingredients, but even if there is a list of common naughty ones, just to get me started, that would be a big help.  

Thanks :0

Catyren Catyren WA Posts: 542
2 7 Sep 2011
this might help

you could probably find more with google searches

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
3 7 Sep 2011
Congrats for making the choice to go vegan!

I'm a newbie vegan myself... still getting the hang of it.
This list helped me:

A very important tip, don't be hard on yourself if you make a mistake. There's no point stressing about it.



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