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Activist interupt spring fashion week


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hayley2 hayley2 VIC Posts: 208
1 9 Sep 2011
For those who didnt know, Tuesday a group of us protested outside and inside melbourne spring fashion week. We were able to get on to the run way to protest Rachel Gilberts use of fur. While others went naked for the cause behind a banner saying we'd rather go naked than wear fur !

This has led to all designers pulling fur and feathers from all shows this week. What a great outcome for the animals happy

for pictures please visit

for footage

Articles from the media.

google spring fashion week for much for more happy

KittyLover KittyLover VIC Posts: 281
2 9 Sep 2011
Wow!!! That's great!!!!! Excellent work!!  Well done to all involved!!

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
3 9 Sep 2011
Thats great!!!! Good job!

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
4 9 Sep 2011
That's excellent!   clap

Val Val NSW Posts: 339
5 9 Sep 2011
Ah thats excellent happy to hear it!!!! ecstatic

Val Val NSW Posts: 339
6 9 Sep 2011
WOW I just watched it what an excellent job congrats on being so brave for the animals ecstatic

follz follz NSW Posts: 105
7 9 Sep 2011
Good outcome for the animals? OK, does that mean fewer animals will be murdered? If not, it's not a victory and I cannot understand the celebrations.

These single-issue campaigns are something I have big problems with. First off, the protesters at this show have an issue with one thing: Fur. They ignore wool, silk, leather, down. Exactly what type of message is this sending to people? Fur is shocking and terrible, but wool, silk, leather and down are not an issue? I think the animals disagree.

Simply put: if you believe that animal exploitation is wrong, fur is just as bad as wool, silk, leather and down - period. Please remember this before you hit me with something like, 'They simply wanted to highlight this issue to the public, I don't see anything wrong with that'.

I've seen first hand how these single-issue campaigns only serve to confuse people. You also must remember you are trying to persuade a public which not only believes that is acceptable to slaughter animals for hamburgers and nuggets, but it can also be done ethically... so why would they care about a single-issue fur campaign when they are headed to the steakhouse?

I really think people need to start looking at what message is being sent to the public at these single-issue protests.

Hayley. J Hayley. J VIC Posts: 143
8 9 Sep 2011
I still would say it's a good job for protesting the fur. Obviously all animal products are awful and shouldn't be used but I think it's important to take one step at a time- trying to get people to fully swing over to the vegan side can be overwhelming for some people. And some people believe that getting people to think about these single issue campaigns can get people thinking about animal welfare in other areas too.

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
9 9 Sep 2011
Hayley you all did such a great job.

Since the RMIT designers were asked to pull all fur items from their collections this year, it is hopefully not wishful thinking to say that RMIT might advise all students every year not to use fur (and hopefully feathers) in their designs because they won't want the shows interrupted, the clothes ruined (by red paint), or the models injured.

I hope so anyway!

Taxidermied Baphomet Taxidermied Baphomet NSW Posts: 292
10 10 Sep 2011
Whoooooo!!!!!! That is great!! and good on the girls getting on the stage!!!!

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