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Stop the Grind


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V V SA Posts: 248
1 10 Sep 2011
Planet Ocean Alliance presents to you the first dedicated Faroese language anti-whaling information website:

It has been in the making for about 2 years now and with great pleasure it is finally ready to launch! The website is provided by POA under our Alliance Program and is in both English and Faroese.

Its primary purpose is to present the facts, issues and actions in a simple summarized version in the Faroese language so residents of the Faroes Islands can read and hopefully learn and understand a few things that they otherwise wouldn't of had access to. It also gives a perspective of why 'outside' people are against the Grindadrap and why they should be concerned too. Overall it is neutrally written, so it has maximum chance of actually being read and can be met midway between two extreme views. We trust it will have a positive impact and hopefully assist in the ending of the Grinds.

The project is a joint effort with POA and with a few POA Faroese Members. The idea was created over 2 years ago and finally placed in effect end of last year. However. we ran into a hurdle and the site sat dormant for quite awhile until another volunteer from the Faroes Islands agreed to help us. We are unsure if they wants to be named or not, nevertheless we thank you for helping.

The addition of this project marks yet another step in advancing POA further.

"We are a united Alliance of people and organizations, dedicated to helping marine conservation. This project only strengthens our ability to work with Faroese people and ultimately help end the killing in the Islands. We will strive to continue in developing and building connections so we can help stop the depletion of our oceans." POA Manager.

POA welcomes any organizations, groups or video makers to submit their logo, petitions, media or info so it can be placed on the support website.

Fred-POA Fred-POA NSW Posts: 1
2 30 Sep 2011
Hey, I am actually the Manager of POA, just want to thank you for posting this.

If you haven't noticed, one of our main petitions being spread is Unleashed's. We are proud to be a Alliance of people that supports any and all orgs that share the same view on Marine Conservation.

The sooner people work out that oceans are not like land areas, it is just one big mass, all connected, then we may have a chance of saving the oceans. At this rate we will see a major collapse in the ocean ecosystem beyond repair by 2048.

Thanks again, and if you have any questions on feel free to ask! or if you know of anything extra to place on the site, just suggest it!

Fred Page
POA Manager and Co-Founder