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- beautiful black cat on death row, will be euthd today!

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1 7 Oct 2011!/photo.php?fbid=281671075185288&set=a.216433521709044.60161.216278901724506&type=1&theater

"Posting for 9Lives rescue - Natalie Mason Jones
ON DEATHROW!!! This handsome boy has until the end of TODAY at the vets to find a home or carer before he is euthed. He is very handsome and affectionate. Will be sterilised and FIV/FeLv tested as long as he has a garenteed home/care to go to. Please contact Gina on 0415614198 if you can help as she would very much like to save this boy. Please share."

I have already tried to contact her, and have not yet received a reply. If you know of someone who can take him, please PLEASE let them know.
I don't want to see him destroyed.

2 7 Oct 2011
He has tested positive to AIDS, so will not be able to be rehomed unfortunately.

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
3 7 Oct 2011
Sorry to hear he tested positive to AIDS. Will he have to be euthanised? sad

rottweiler rottweiler SA Posts: 1907
4 7 Oct 2011
Can you catch AIDS from a cat?

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
5 7 Oct 2011
Aw that's a shame sad He looked gorgeous.
Could he be re-homed as an only indoor cat? Or is there still too much of a risk?

Shaere Shaere NSW Posts: 2
6 7 Oct 2011
Here's a website which explains FIV.

Vets and pounds and RSPCA generally euthanase all strays with FIV. It's not the best thing to have, much like AIDS is not the best thing for a human.

There are plenty of healthy cats that need homes.

I rescued a stray and luckily he was not FIV and was re-homed successfully.

Keeping your cats indoors or in outdoor cat enclosures where they can't interact with strange cats is the best way to go.