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Geelong Animal Welfare Society

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NelliScarlet NelliScarlet VIC Posts: 64
1 11 Oct 2011
UPDATE 08/05/12:
Since this story came to light, GAWS has had a change of management. From the most recent reports, things seem to have improved dramatically:

(added by Admin)

Original Post:

Peaceful protest this Saturday:

NelliScarlet NelliScarlet VIC Posts: 64
2 11 Oct 2011
Copy and paste if you don't have time to write your own letter-

Dear Mr Griffin,
Upon seeing the distressing footage made public this morning from inside the Geelong Animal Welfare Society I write to you as someone who believes in humane procedures regarding animal welfare. What I have seen is shocking and distressed me to my very core- please view if you will:
If you are unwilling to view the footage, it shows appalling amounts of unnecessary drugs administered to dogs in their last meal before they are left alone in cages, dazed and confused, unable to stand, walk or sit, vomiting heavily for hours through the night then being dragged to the killing room. What is most concerning about this is GAWS' complete ignorance of rehoming practises and donations offered, and seeming desire to simply kill these animals instead of giving them a second chance. The reason these dogs make it to the pound in the first place is because of owners who do not understand the responsibility of owning a pet, whether they are dumped there, or are lost without being microchipped and registered, or allowed to run away due to not taking proper precautions to ensure their security and safety at home. So why is it the innocent being punished in this situation? And why is it the innocent being corporally punished in this situation?

The cruelty at GAWS does not end there. Before they are killed, dogs and cats are kept in unhygenic environments riddled with disease like parvo, left injured and sick until "killing day" on Tuesdays where they are just killed instead of treated and attempted to be rehomed.
I implore you to please do everything within your power to stop this cruelty inside YOUR Greater Geelong contracted pound facility.

end to


jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
3 11 Oct 2011
have done protests at gaws before etc but cannot attend this time as there is a awesome jumps racing protest at caulfield

Animallover12 Animallover12 NSW Posts: 437
4 11 Oct 2011

Imaginary Product Imaginary Product NSW Posts: 142
5 11 Oct 2011
FFS. The dally in that looked purebred or just about close to.  Should have only lasted in the pound about three seconds before being rehomed or rescued.  God I hate people. I just f**king hate them.

KatieBear KatieBear VIC Posts: 3
6 14 Oct 2011
Hi Jack,

I am very interested in attending this jumps protest at Caulfield tomorrow, but I can't seem to find any info.. I know it's ultra late notice but if you see this can you please post more info or direct me to the right place..


M1 M1 Australia Posts: 2
7 14 Oct 2011
also this has been going on for months below link stats clearer what has been going up to that time MUST change now. also why has rspca not stepped in?

M1 M1 Australia Posts: 2
8 14 Oct 2011
this has been going on for months (pre video )  
the link below states in more details of numerous other violations by GAWS
this MUST change now


Jenny5 Jenny5 VIC Posts: 1
9 27 Apr 2012
Public pressure paid off! GAWS now has new leadership and is implementing change.

The 730 Report video brought a tear to my eye.

People power can realy change things. happy