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Fabulous Vegetarian nutritionist-made GF eating plan!

Full, lots of energy and lost 5kg!

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NelliScarlet NelliScarlet VIC Posts: 64
1 11 Oct 2011
From my nutritionist, alot of veg friends have asked for it, thought I'd share. I really struggled with my weight when I first became vegetarian as I was eating wrong, plus I'm gluten intolerant AND soy intolerant also. I reccommend Ice Whey protein powder for this- you could modify the eating plan to suit a vegan diet also, but alot of fundamental nutrition in here!

As I may have mentioned earlier your diet is lacking in three big things you gotta focus on!
These are- protein, carbohydrate choices rich in iron, and B vitamins which will supply you with the energy you need.
Trying to incorporate fewer grains and oats, bread and pastas unless youíve done strenuous activity will also increase your sensitivity to the energy boost those carb choices provide, less of a slump!
A first class protein is a little harder to come by without eating dead animals, so your main choices will be from eggs and low-fat dairy.
Omega 3 is essential to your cognitive health as well, making you stay alert and helping prevent any problems in later life with memory or mental health.
Hereís a variation on your current daily meal plan with added elements to aid this.
Breakfast- mixed berries, yoghurt, honey, flaxmeal and protein powder (go to for a good proven and cheap supplement, trust me this is instrumental to your health and keep your metabolism up)
This has about 30g protein, what you need in every meal, and itís more like a fancy dessert than a breakfast.
Or! Cup of egg whites with one whole egg and half a cup of blueberries makes a quick, easy and awesome omelette thatís more like a blueberry crepe. Ready in 5 minutes.

Morning tea- protein shake and an apple and 2-3 flaxseed oil capsules (those nuts are high in saturated fat so keep an eye on quantity, walnuts are best)

Lunch- bowl of pulse/bean minestrone with spinach, mushrooms and tomato, chick peas, kidney beans and lentils. Side of low-fat cottage cheese/feta and two poached eggs to back up the protein content to 20-30g.
Afternoon tea- yoghurt and almonds with protein powder + flaxmeal (chocolate protein makes it taste like a golden gaytime ice cream)
Dinner- vegan chilli con carne with chick peas, kidney beans, butter beans, lentils, chilli, semidried tomatoes, spinach and sliced mushrooms. Lots of diced tomatoes, add garlic and leave in a pot for about 10 minutes for awesomeness! Side of natural yoghurt to counteract the spice and heighten the protein profile.
Try to include as many vegies from the cruciferous group (broccoli, cauliflower etc.) to improve iron levels and bring up your antioxidant profile. Legumes are high in iron, protein (slow release) and fibre, go crazy with them!
Since starting personal training and finishing my nutrition course Iíve gained a further 12kg in lean muscle by following a meal plan like this and doing lots of weights! Conversely, one of my clients has recently lost 10kg in fat and 70cm in girth from her body in 10 weeks by following this meal plan and working out a few times a week. It works and there is absolutely no reason to ever eat meat again despite what most people think/say!  Good luck happy

NelliScarlet NelliScarlet VIC Posts: 64
2 11 Oct 2011
I also make a faux bolognese with Quorn mince and serve that over a head of broccoli and feta... YUM!!!

Chewie Chewie NSW Posts: 521
3 11 Oct 2011
Seems like eggs and dairy are quite a big part of this plan - not convinced dairy is healthy for you and the egg and dairy industries are more cruel than the meat industry. cry But if you have allergies then I do understand that a vegan diet would be more difficult...

S_Rocks S_Rocks VIC Posts: 61
4 12 Oct 2011
I totally hear you on the gluten free and soy free thing. I'm allergic to wheat (I can do other grains though), soy and legumes (all of them).

I like your suggestions! I can't do your lunch and dinner ones (allergies) but I often do pasta (in your case gluten free pasta) with walnuts! it's tasty!

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
5 12 Oct 2011
Doesn't sound very healthy to me.. dairy and eggs are linked to so many cancers it's not funny..

dvsbass dvsbass SA Posts: 7
6 12 Oct 2011
cheers for sharing ~ the con carne sounds yummo!

S_Rocks S_Rocks VIC Posts: 61
7 12 Oct 2011
KirstyGirl said:
Doesn't sound very healthy to me.. dairy and eggs are linked to so many cancers it's not funny..
It's really hard to go flat out vegan when you're allergic to soy and wheat as well though. I can vouch for that happy