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What to serve omni friends at my party?

Do I serve meat or..?

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sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
1 14 Oct 2011
I'm having a party soon and I'm wondering what to serve my omni friends for dinner. I was thinking burritos with Sanitarium veggie mince, but I cant find it ANYWHERE in the supermarket and my mum keeps saying that "they cater for you you should cater for them" blah blah blah... and I'm pretty much confused about the whole thing.
Basically my question are:
1) Does anybody know what section Sanitarium mince is kept in the supermarket
2) Should or should I not have meat at my party (everything else like lollies, cake etc is vegan)
3) Any other easy meal ideas if I cant find the mince that you think regular omnis would like?
Thank you so much happy

JF JF NSW Posts: 283
2 14 Oct 2011
When I hold parties at my parents' place, they do the same thing: Cater for them! So I say, no u! And my parents cook steak.

Then all my friends eat my vegan dishes because they rarely get to and think my cooking is awesome.

They particularly love my vegan lasagna and sheperd's pie (really, a lentil pie that looks like sheperd's pie).

Take that, parents. tongue

If you're not into cooking though - maybe go at it in the angle of 'some exotic mystery dishes - You think that looks like beef but it's soy based! Holy heck, man!'. Pimp a vego banquet to them. Most people aren't so douchey they won't try something new.

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
3 14 Oct 2011
Strange how some omnivores think vegan food is going to hurt them. It wont do them any harm to eat it. In fact, it'll do them some good.
I wouldn't ever serve meat at a party. There's no need to.
I find the canned Sanitarium veg mince in the health food isle at Woolworths.
Good luck!

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
4 14 Oct 2011
sophxx said:
1) Does anybody know what section Sanitarium mince is kept in the supermarket
2) Should or should I not have meat at my party (everything else like lollies, cake etc is vegan)
3) Any other easy meal ideas if I cant find the mince that you think regular omnis would like?
1) Sanitarium mince is usually in the same section that the tofu is in and all the other refrigerated vegetarian items.

2) Just because your friends eat meat, it doesn't mean that they *have* to eat meat for every meal. So while your mum says you were catered for, sure, but while you don't eat meat/dairy, they DO eat plant based foods (even if not solely).

3) what about Linda McCartney sausage rolls? They are a bit pricey, so it's only if the cost wasn't an issue. I'm just thinking of regular party food and when I went to people's parties it was finger food like sausage rolls and pasties. What about spring rolls? Many of the ones in the supermarket are vegan.

JMort JMort VIC Posts: 248
5 14 Oct 2011
My friends (despite being avid meat eaters) are pretty amazing in that they make sure there is vegan options for me whenever they host things at their place. I don't ever ask them to, I don't ever expect it and yet, they go out of their way to do it. When the coin is flipped and I host things, I serve meat (I don't prepare it). They accomodate me, I will do the same for them. Okay so they don't need to eat meat, but they obviously want to as they have chosen to keep it as part of their diet. They respect my choice, and I theirs. You aren't going to convert them by trying to prove vegan is tasty, most people will admit that already (my friends do).

If you do choose to serve meat, don't worry if other vegos give you a hard time about it - they don't make the rules of how to be vego!

JF JF NSW Posts: 283
6 14 Oct 2011
I never buy Sanitarium products. Been boycotting it for years. Annoying that that's the main brand mainstream supermarkets stock.

Most of my friend circle are skeptics and atheists. So they'd poke me more on me supporting that brand than having no steak. It's owned by Seventh-day Adventist Church and there's some dodgy stuff happening with their taxes.

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
7 14 Oct 2011
if i ever go to a party, they usually offer vegan alternatives like you said
but my omni friends would much rather eat the veg stuff than the meat
so it's always the first thing to go
i think if you are able to find some vegie mince, or any other vegie substitutes just serve it all up but have afew things like meat party pies or something
that way you can just wack them in the oven

i think it's different, because you don't eat meat
and they DO eat vegetables
most people would love the opportunity to try vege food alternatives
but maybe you should ask afew of your guests what they would like? if they would eat your cooking or want specially prepared dishes

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
8 14 Oct 2011
Ok first of all the casserole mince (the best one) is in a can! in the Health Food isle!! at my coles its in here separate from the fridge where tofu is etc

You can get the other sanitarium mince near the tofu but i use the canned one in burritos, - way better.

also I would serve spring rolls - no one thinks of them as particulry 'vegan' or anything but they are animal free and in the freezer !

katherooni katherooni SA Posts: 209
9 14 Oct 2011
I would never ever serve meat to my friends.
Why did you get veg? becuase of the cruelty involved in meat production? or because you just didnt like the taste? if its for eithical reasons, you are funding the industry by buying meat for your friends. Doesnt that seem wrong?? and no offence, a little hypocritical?
People can live without meat, your friends dont NEED it. Would they expect to be given meat at your place? My friends would be very surprised if I was handling and cooking meat.
There are sooooo many vege options that many omni's find tasty and filling.
Cook them something that you love and that you enjoy making, thats what dinner parties are all about.

TheSixthStitch TheSixthStitch Aruba Posts: 988
10 14 Oct 2011
Not that I would recommend it, but.. you could go all Hannibal Lector like and serve your friends meat and then reveal after they've finished that they actually ate a friend who couldn't make it on the night. *cue "muahahaha"*

Or not.

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