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Eating meat :'(


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Raynee Marie Raynee Marie SA Posts: 25
1 14 Oct 2011
Mums making me eat meat! She thinks that I'm too young and that since I'm still growing its not the right thing. I feel sick about it! She say that I can go veg but not till I'm 16, but that's two years away! What can I do? cry paw

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
2 14 Oct 2011
I went Vegetarian when I was 11, and Vegan when I was 13. I am perfectly healthy! My doctor describes me as 'perfect' in terms of health!

Many people have been Vegan since birth (and their mother was Vegan during pregnancy)!

It's fine to go Veg at any age as long as you do it right and know what to eat.

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
3 14 Oct 2011
I went vegetarian when i was 10 and vegan at 12, you will be healthy as long as yoou do it right happy

JF JF NSW Posts: 283
4 14 Oct 2011
I know it's hard, but try not to get into any yelling wars with her. She'll just take it as you pissing on her authority which is not what you are doing - you just want to be heard and listened to.

I find with my mum - who fears everything - the best way to get her on side is to give her bits of easy to digest (easy words, nothing scary etc) facts about what I want her to understand. Not trying to make her switch sides, just accept you have reasons for being different to her.

Some ideas that may work:

- If you like your GP and know he won't push your mum's point of view: Make an appointment and invite your mum (or ask her to make it if that's how you guys do it). Get a health check to make sure all your things are are how they should be (iron and calcium are the ones people flip most over about), then get the GP's expert advice on how to best live on a vego diet. This allows your mum to hear it from someone else and being someone that is suppose to care for your health, makes a very clear indication that she may be over worrying.

- If your mum likes to go online, introduce her to sites that have friendly advice on how to live healthy on a vego diet. If you can find one from a parenting point of view that supports you and has relevant sources, you might have a winner there. So try to get stuff that is about health, rather then just animal welfare.

- Find recipes you think you'd like and ask her to assist you with them. Cooking great noms and her seeing you're 1) learning to get food together for yourself 2) thinking about your health and 3) sharing the experience with her will help build a bridge you need for her to accept you are coming from a reasonable position on your diet. Plus, she'll see vego food is delicious!

Above all, keep calm. Don't show her scary things. Let her know you're learning and you want her on your journey. Make sure she knows you love her and you're not doing this in spit of her for any reasons - that it's for your health and/or ethical views and give her your reasons for it.

Good luck. x

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
5 14 Oct 2011
I went vegetarian when I was 15. I'm jealous of anyone who did it earlier! Not to mention becoming vegan! thumb

My folks lectured me constantly, but unless they are physically forcing meat down your throat you have the final say!

I'd suggest doing some research, looking at veg meal plans and nutrients needed. Buy an informative veg cookbook (most have chapters on nutrition too). Perhaps, see a veg friendly doctor - I specify a "veg friendly" doctor here, most are anti veg.

A good website is Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Qld (you don't need to live in Qld). They have a free veg info pack

DaveQB DaveQB NSW Posts: 287
6 15 Oct 2011
Excellent post PurpleFae. I agree.
If you need help finding supporting material online then let us all know.

Gracie Maree Gracie Maree NSW Posts: 88
7 6 Nov 2011
Find some vegan parent groups... You're never too young to go vegan/vegetarian, some kids are bought up vegan from birth, they are perfectly healthy, smart, active kids! Find a bunch of resources/groups and introduce them to your mum. And like someone else said, unless they are physically forcing food down your throat, you have the final say =)
When I first gave up meat I was 13, my mum was horrible about it, but I just ignored her, refused to eat meat, she eventually realised she can't force me to eat anything I don't want to eat!
Good luck ^^

Catyren Catyren WA Posts: 542
8 6 Nov 2011
Unless she ties you down and force feeds you she can't make you eat anything you don't want to. I suggest, if you don't already have one, getting an after school job so that you can start buying food for yourself. Ask your mum if the two of you can go and see a nutritionist. Another idea, you could start a food diary and figure out the nutrients. Do this for the whole family and show how the average omni diet is so lacking then compare it to a planned veg diet. Tell her about how the UN is pushing for westerners to cut down their meat consumption. Get her to watch forks over knives. Buy a book on veg nutrition. show her that you're serious about being healthy, it's gotta be better than the average junk eating teens diet.

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
9 6 Nov 2011
I encountered a lot of resistance when I went vegan at 16, and my parents used to force feed me meat as a small kid. I never liked the stuff and I 'learned' how to eat it to keep them happy and off my back. I used to gag when I was chewing roasts or steaks... I couldn't keep my mind off the fact I was eating a bunch of death.

Once I vomited smoked cod all over the dining table because they force fed it to me. They didn't try feeding me fish again!

Good luck with your situation... I think your parents will come around eventually, and bear in mind some of the points that others have already mentioned. There is some excellent advice in this thread!

Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
10 12 Dec 2011
I chose to go vegetarian when I was 5 years old and my mum had noooo idea what to feed me, plus i was fussy as!! my meals consisted of a lot boiled vegies and Mac n cheese and plain as plain stuff. I left home at 20 and had to fend for myself so started exploring more options with food. Then still nothing too brilliant . And at 26 - one year ago I turned vegan! Now i eat a massive range of foods and goodies. Wish It had been earlier but liked my fairyland world- better ever than never right lol. Anyway my point- I'm alive, well, healthy and have never had any serious health problems.  Just another story to share with ur mum .., well mum I know this girl and she...  happy happy happy happy  lol xo

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