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What are your hobbies??

Golf, collecting stamps, playing with your pet, picking your nose...?

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Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
21 27 Oct 2011
Stencil art you say! DO you have any sexual leaf templates... I will look myself, but if you have any superbly sexy ones let me know...I need for mural for exhibition.

I need some leafs for my tree, I have the card to cut into, I just need a nice lookin leaf I can put over the place.

I never could say I had one, but I guess ~Photography, though that is just another expression, so creative expression in general...

I will contain it all to the word painting....

painting with light (photography), painting with ink (scribing), painting with finger tips (ice-skating skin)....

AND PICKING MY NOSE!!!! haha nooeess not really...
I use a bit of tissue on my finger to clean it sometimes though,
but that is because it is most effective.

hmmm hobbies.

exploring and contemplating; ideas, notions aaaaannnd theories

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