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What are your hobbies??

Golf, collecting stamps, playing with your pet, picking your nose...?

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Sanchari Bhava Sanchari Bhava VIC Posts: 39
1 18 Oct 2011
I just was curious to see what other peoples hobbies are. Mine are reading, going to the lirbary, going jewlrey shopping, going clothes shopping with my friends, talking, playing with my cat Gita, going places, hanging out with buddies, careing for the animals, watching X-factor, and doing dishes. Hahahahah!! monkey

Emilia Emilia WA Posts: 285
2 18 Oct 2011
Reading, writing, art, dancing, swinging poi.

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
3 18 Oct 2011
i love watching movies and listening to music, cooking yummy vegan foods, getting tattoos, spending time with my friends
i also really enjoy going for walks

AllyCat AllyCat SA Posts: 497
5 18 Oct 2011
Helping animals, drawing, helping the environment, gardening, reading, swimming, dancing, painting, snorkeling, and surfing ( Well, trying to. Usually when I go there not that big of waves! ), watching national geographic documentaries on animals, annnnnnnnnd watching foxtel wink

The Last Baron The Last Baron NSW Posts: 147
6 18 Oct 2011
Writing music, playing it on guitar, forgetting what I wrote, repeat.

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
7 18 Oct 2011
rescuing livestock, photography, video editing, video making  ecstatic

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
8 18 Oct 2011
Gardening (fruit and veg), drawing, writing, listening to music, playing video games, making gift bags from junk mail, cooking vegan goodies, playing with my kids, umm... I think that's everything.

TheSixthStitch TheSixthStitch Aruba Posts: 988
9 18 Oct 2011
Taking romantic walks along a deserted beach whilst sipping on Pina Coladas at sunset. A gentle wind caressing my supple but weatherworn body as the last rays of a golden sun spill slowly across my tranquil face. The feel of damp, clumpy sand squelching betwe-  

Oh right.

Drawing, playing guitar or violin (when the mood takes me), reading, rpgs, boardgames, wargaming, game design, watching documentaries or discussion shows (namely Insight and Q&A), writing... all squeezed within 2 hours of the night when my bubs goes to sleep and I don't collapse from exhaustion.

JMort JMort VIC Posts: 248
10 18 Oct 2011
Sleeping, not getting up in the AM, making people look silly in CoD and FIFA.

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