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My food looks funny: 15 disgusting things found in hotdogs

... and I don't just mean flesh!

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Operator Operator QLD Posts: 58
1 24 Oct 2011
Apologies to the mods if this is in the wrong section or may appear "vulgar". I will advise, if you're hungry, to look away... But here's an interesting resource for anyone you know who is a "real" hotdog addict.

15 grossest things found in hotdogs:

This is the simplified version of a compilation of reports to the USDA about foreign objects found in hotdogs.:

While many of us abstain from meats, this may be a good resource for friends or anyone else who simply just can't kick the habit. I for one, am glad that I don't need to worry about nasty stuff when chowing down on an awesome vegandog!

(Brisbanites can find vegan dogs outside of the X&Y bar in The Valley on some weekend nights - for more info/facebook page)  cool

Scuba-addict Scuba-addict United Kingdom Posts: 107
2 24 Oct 2011
Nice...! But to be honest, as someone mentioned in the comments section, the stuff thats meant to be in a hotdog isn't appealing either!

Lockwasher- haha!

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
3 24 Oct 2011
is this a joke?

AllyCat AllyCat SA Posts: 497
4 24 Oct 2011
I dont get it? Is it meant to be funny? ahaha.

Are we talking about the actually hot dogs with the sausage in them?? That you can find at wendys??

Before I was vegetarian I never found any of this in a hotdog?!

Operator Operator QLD Posts: 58
5 24 Oct 2011
No, this isn't meant to be humorous. It's a simplified version of legit USDA reports (Like I stated in the original post, right beside the second link.) Meaning, these are ACTUAL reports from ACTUAL people.

Like I stated, I thought it may be a good resource or talking point for those of us who know hotdog addicts. It's gross, they say "Oh man, that's disgusting" then you say "You think that's disgusting?..." and there they've created you a segue to help educate people in a non-agressive discussion about what actually goes into processed meats and factory farming.


AllyCat AllyCat SA Posts: 497
6 25 Oct 2011