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Almost fainted on the train yesterday...

Low in Iron? ... or just low blood sugar?

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ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
21 8 Nov 2011
I'm really impressed you've done your research on healthy veg eating before posting on here thumb And yay for becoming veg! happy

As the others have mentioned I doubt iron would drop that quick in one week. Most likely blood pressure. The only times I've fainted have been due to heat/ or standing up quickly or standing for long periods.

I think some new veg*ns and omni's assume we all have low iron, but if you eat healthy you shouldn't be of any less advantage than an omni. Often people make the mistake of taking an iron supplement when they don't need it. I did and my iron levels were too high on a vegan diet.

However, it may not hurt to get a blood test done. Then get another one done 6 weeks after turning veg.

rottweiler rottweiler SA Posts: 1907
22 9 Nov 2011
Unfortunately im at home sick today from a similar thing. yesterday at work i was feeling really faint and sick- ive had these sorts of feelings for as long as i can remember- so im guessing it's not cos im veg. i used to have low iron, but since being veg i don't anymore. i'm petrified of needles so i wont get a blood test- so im never going to know what it is, but it's happened for yearrrrrs and years, which is a bit scary happy

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