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Cruel Kangaroo Cull COMBO-BREAKER.

300 Kangaroos saved!

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Operator Operator QLD Posts: 58
1 27 Oct 2011

It's stories like this that make my day. Small groups of people CAN make a difference for large amounts of animals  clap

Cassie3 Cassie3 QLD Posts: 115
2 27 Oct 2011
Please don't worry about the future of the kangaroo population, they live in numbers exceeding thousands and thousands....  They have become one of the single most destructive animals in our area.  We have created a monster due to supplying many more watering points and the very fact that the Kangaroo Harvesting Industry is an over regulated and bastardised industry.  This is one issue/problem that I will never agree with AA on....

Operator Operator QLD Posts: 58
3 27 Oct 2011
From what I gather about this article is that they were going to simply shoot the animal. No tranquilizers, just bullets.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills have both offered support in regards to relocating them to areas that their grazing will not affect agricultural settlements in the past. Different groups are often willing to foot the bill for relocation, but the defense force still cites high relocation costs as the reason this pathway is never explored.

Peter Garret has come out in favor of culls stating they are a "necessary evil" but also that the animals should be tranquilized and then "painlessly" put down.

I've seen videos online of men shooting kangaroos to "cull" them and realizing they've shot a mother, taking the baby out and stomping on it's head to kill it. That doesn't sound very "painless" to me.

People are about to reach 7 billion, over-populating at alarming speeds. We cause way more environmental damage... Where's our cull? Where's our "Spay and neuter" programs? Or, is it ok to set a double precedent and condone murder instead of exploring other avenues because they look different to us?

Kirsttt Kirsttt NSW Posts: 43
4 27 Oct 2011
this mostly annoys me as speciesist junk, mostly in regards to a stupid connection we feel to kangaroos as our national animal as opposed to other animals we kill without reason everyday.

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
5 27 Oct 2011
i was just about to post about this!
i posted that article on facebook, and then some guy started insulting me, telling me my opinion was false and basically just being a big jerk.

OPERATOR, you said basically everything i said to him in your above comment!
if people really cared about the environment, and keeping animal overpopulation down
wouldn't they engage a human cull?

humans are just going to keep reproducing and we aren't reducing the amount we pollute the atmosphere at all.
i am vegan, i ride a bike, walk or take public transport, we have solar powered hot water and rainwater in our home, i recycle! i love south australia for that! 10c for every can and bottle ;D

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
6 27 Oct 2011
we call this war....

people are against war as a means of proving to have better moral core than the 'OTHER SIDE', thus their genus are more suited to progressing in the gene pool... thus when war comes about.... they have the advantage of positive discrimination....

other's are all for wall (lol war typo)... they are on the same side as those who are 'WAR IS BAD, GIVE ME A GUN SO I CAN FIGHT IT!'... but they are just more open about their moral stance on human culling... essentially.

culling is an afterthought... these are problems which need to be solved at the core first...

it is like... saving a beetle from drowning, in a house of water... and putting it in a place you know it will come to the same end.. you are just not the one to blame.

cull or no cull... there is still something damaging nature at large...

no matter where you point the gun, people or kangaroo (ps. this is unfair kangaroos should be installed with boxing gloves and it should be hand to hand combat only, kicking is allowed).

and noone wants to actually look into solving what that is.. because it costs money out of a different pocket than the "aw damn homeless man asking me for money again" pocket/ the "I kinda have to do this, so the world doesn't end" pocket... ... not the positive... investment in the future pocket.. which all goes into the business, which causes the problems...

the answer is... for some "why do we need this money wasting program, what problem is there, we are building a huge hole where that ecosystem is in the future anyway? i'm not spending any money on it, it is money hole, why put money... IN the money hole. LOL that crazy". "wait... you mean the the program is just people like shooting animals? does it cost moneys? shweet, guntron alliance I CHOOSE YOOOOUUU!"

try tell deforestation industry that money doesn't grow on trees.

the land kangaroos thrive in, was once a forest of some sort cleared for farming, maybe it was like the daintree, or borneo forest when it is forgotten after the fields of palms (grass) are gone/burnt out, or amazon  when soy is munched up and the soil cracks.

maybe tree kangaroos are sexier than the ground variety, maybe drop bears (now only existent in mythology) kept the ground dwelling populations in check.. with the loss of tree... kangaroo abundance is putting small town ships in jeopardy... when the main attraction was the overpriced outback authentic kangaroo steak. now prices gone down, all those mining downs are finally giving in to the big smoke :< think of the children.

personally I want to see a panda and kangaroo fight, like in tekken, we need to breed aggressions into the panda species so this can occur, the opposite to the russian fox project:

and then plant bamboo forest, to block the kangaroo offence, to even the odds of panda adjusting to a land kangaroo has been in for years... whilst beating it in paw to hoof combat.

But I think... if anyone was serious about change... whilst there are floods in lake eyre, why is noone planting trees! "oh the water will evaporate soon that is silly"..

Water... will...evaporate... Why plant... trees?

1.382. logic?

I think if a big enough plantation was tendered for a few years, the scents the trees would let off, would cause rainfall in the centre of Australia, then when a kangaroo comes for a leisurely drink (that cunning thing it is)... BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A HUUUUGEEEEE ALIGATOR (american import as crocodile proven less offensive)... swallows the scurvy dog.

THUS..... less kangaroo.... LESS cruel ~ !

Donate to the make Casper make sense fund:


all proceeds go towards scientific research which I will then digest, assimilate if you will, making my sentences much more substantial in presenting the truth!!


p.s. if we could only teleport them to mars, the organic matter would make it stinky and then noone would want to go there and it would keep the russians away, then we could go and harvest the delicious space Jelly... AND BE RICHH!! AAHAHAHAHAH RICH I TELLS YAAA!!! ERRRRRIIIICICCCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

kids, don't do drugs.  it is unattractive.  trust me....   I've seen home and away,
they make you a bad public speaker!

disclaimer:  only ginger beer and a pillow pal strapped to my arm as a typing rest were used in the creation of this post, also I ate a LEDA bar

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
7 27 Oct 2011

i read that, and was SEVERELY mind blown by the section about disease.
it makes total sense (in relation to diseases in humans)
the earth is trying to stop us killing her sad

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
8 27 Oct 2011
So it was the rats who made us diseased! Not over populated humans at all, I see I see *rubs chin.

I kid, but anyway let me summarize the human inclusion into that process:
(the blue guy is a reformed hunter environmentalist)
(and the green guy is Plan B)

Replace skorpex with

Plan B (when the roos fight back):

"don't hurt us, we humans are just firing bullets of love teeheheheh we wuv you kanawoos"

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
9 27 Oct 2011
miss wolf:

thinking openly about theories is the best way to understand them for what they are,

this is an interesting notion when presented in full force... but we must realise,
it is one person's take, there is no proven intent as nature shouldn't be seen as an entity,
but all that we define as non-human, this way an idea like this can exist freely.

otherwise one must see humans as apart of the same environment and nature,
and so maybe we are just another 'mechanism' and this is merely oversight,
of one that exists as an antagonist to our purpose.

So ... speculation is the best place for opinions to exist,
because... when used in scientific documents, intent and intention only cloud a resolution.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
10 27 Oct 2011
ps. don't feel bad for 'mother nature'... we can't even cure the common flu/cold...

and the human self-imposed diseases are the one's we have the most problem with after general sanitary standards got rid of the rest.

(you might note, aids apparently came from humans eating apes, their close relative in a disgusting rotten manner and that foul sexual acts is the reason why most other diseases exist in our filthy social hubs)

radiation... cancer...

humanity is trying to fight for HER if anything.. subconsciously and she is trying to keep us alive....

SEE that is a speculation.. if I wrote that in a scientific statement... we'd be on par.

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