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Criticism... from meat eaters.

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Mokilok Mokilok VIC Posts: 34
21 31 Aug 2012
I get it all the time from Strangers, Family and Friends.

We disapprove of their diet and lifestyle. Meat-eaters realise that we disapprove, and so judge us in return.

We can't help judging them because we find eating meat (unless absolutely required for medical reasons) morally reprehensible.

They judge us for being 'judgy' haha.

If everyone went Vegan it wouldn't be a problem but that's not going to happen anytime soon.  

The one thing that bugs me is the attitude that you must be a moron to believe in a different way of living and eating. I don't think meat eaters are morons, simply ill-informed. I don't believe they have the same respect for us.

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