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Turning my pizza shop vegan

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Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
11 8 Nov 2011
There's a wood-fired pizza joint in Ballarat which makes a mean pizza with pumpkin, spinach and pine nuts. They use goat's cheese on it so from now on we'll be ordering it without the cheese, but there's an idea for you to work on. You could replace the cheese with a vegan version. It's a really tasty combination.

They also have a pizza/foccacia thingy with paper-thin slices of potato on it, and it tastes particularly good with a drizzle of garlic oil and some dried rosemary sprinkled over the top.

I believe I've just made myself hungry!

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
12 8 Nov 2011
You might be able to get some ideas from this pizza place's menu?
All the pizzas are entirely vegan, and taste so good that they attract non-vegans.

Also crust pizza!product_categories/vegetarian-pizzas/products
I have ordered some of their vegetarian pizzas in the past without cheese and they were divine, with vegan cheese I'm sure they would be even better.

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