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Maintaining enough calories...

Panicking about not having enough...

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Vinnie89 Vinnie89 NSW Posts: 37
21 13 Nov 2011
Glen said:
Vinnie89 said:
Reading the above posts, reading people eating only 600-1500 calories a day, really?? Eating only that much and trying to lead an active lifestyle will inevitably end in burnout.
Haha yeah... working in a metal fab workshop, I need around 2500 a day to maintain energy, and on that I still lose weight. Everything I work with is heavy... even the small stuff we use is 32kg per 8m length, so I needs my tucker!
Amen brother, I work in the trades too, landscaping, I can easily consume over 2500 calories a day, and still feel my tummy rumbling "feed me".

S_Rocks S_Rocks VIC Posts: 61
22 17 Nov 2011
MadiLovesMerDer said:
Thanks everyone. You've been really helpful. I've upped the calories. More carbs/protein/fat... haven't felt light headed all week but I am currently suffering from panic attacks due to a lack of stress relief. Not full blown ones (i have a history) but I feel them coming on. Glad I know how to deal with them... unlike a few years ago. I am currently injured so I can't exercise and that's what cured them last time. EEK! So... dealing with that at the moment. I'm feeling much better with the food etc except even when I have had enough calories during the day, if I feel hungry my panicky symptoms hit and I feel all freaked cause I "NEED FOOD" and I don't want to faint again. Highly unlikely I would considering I'm nourished 100% now, but my panic attacks set in. How joyous.

Thanks again. It's nice to have some support from people that get it. Cheers.
Take care of yourself lady! Your stress could also be furthering some of your symptoms. To give another personal anecdote, I recently had problems with tiredness and even had swollen lymph glands and stomach aches, and my doctor was sure that I was ill. I had a number of tests done and they all came back normal and the doc decided that it was all stress related. It apparently CAN affect your body that strongly. So, take care of yourself (I know that this is a lot easier said than done), keep planning out your meals, and get as much activity as you don't have to work out! If you're able to, just go for a light walk or do some light stretching happy Don't if you're on bed rest though, obviously.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
23 17 Nov 2011
don't worry that fuzzy feeling is probably your brain taking a holiday.

there are more things you need to 'worry about' than calories....

buy some malt extract.... it is a honey like treacle like substance... which you can mix into hot drinks and stuff... it has lots of B vitamins... which are essential to brain function...

it would most probably be that you have not found any iron on your hunt for calories...

also if you are super skinny, which you probably are... then your body won't have much reserves of anything... so feeling dizzy... is just your brain being all "hey you feed me some shit apart from diet coke which is really bad for me, you ass hat... how about a leaf once in a while"..

I cannot speculate your brain would be as eloquent as myself, so I put it into slander speak happy

good luck, and chewing carrots is fun *truestory

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