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Hurraw! Balm

would you recommend?

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Catyren Catyren WA Posts: 542
1 14 Nov 2011

Has anyone here tried these? I've been having a lot of trouble with dry lips lately (Perth has been very windy lately) and I can't seem to find a lip balm that works and is vegan. So would anyone recommend these?

Tracey Tracey QLD Posts: 127
2 14 Nov 2011
Heck yes!! They are great happy I have cinnamon and coconut ones. Yum and work well.

Rebecca05 Rebecca05 QLD Posts: 14
3 14 Nov 2011
Most definitely. I have black cherry and vanilla bean ^.^

Catyren Catyren WA Posts: 542
4 14 Nov 2011
I ordered some happy the black cherry, coconut, grapefruit and the treatment ones. I have high hopes =P

lividlotus lividlotus NSW Posts: 301
5 15 Nov 2011
Catyren said:
I ordered some happy the black cherry, coconut, grapefruit and the treatment ones. I have high hopes =P
Just mentioning these got me looking them up to and I'm tempted to get some myself as I'm running low on vegan lip balms! Here's hoping they're as awesome as everyone says!

Gracie Maree Gracie Maree NSW Posts: 88
6 15 Nov 2011
Ooooh they have a licorice one... Yummy =D
I bought some Natio "ageless lip smoothing treatment" today and so far I love it but it comes out in a gel kind of texture which can be a bit of a hassle to apply, especially because we don't want to be useing our dirty fingers to apply something to our mouths =/
I'll definitly be giving Hurraw! a try next time =D

Saphiralys Saphiralys WA Posts: 1
7 16 Dec 2012
I highly recommend, I get those horrible dry lips in perth too but not since I have been using Hurraw, my friend bought me the lime one and i'm planning to but more flavours, one for work, one for home, one for my bag haha laugh, anyhoo I know you can buy them from the raw kitchen in freo, i'm sure they're available elsewhere tho  peace

Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
8 19 Dec 2012
definitely!! love them!! ive got a cherry and orange one... orange probs the fave, but regardless they are really good, and i do feel they work wonders... maybe im nuts but on days where i get really bad dry hands  i put a little of the hurraw on the bad spots and they settle a bit... lol...     enjoy! xo

Janine Janine NSW Posts: 232
9 19 Dec 2012
I love my Hurraw lip balm, I only need to use it once a day, in the morning and my lips are great all day.

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
10 20 Dec 2012
I love these. They smell great, work well on chapped/dry lips and feel good on. happy Definitely recommend them. happy

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