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Any Lesbians/Gays?

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PurpleFae PurpleFae NSW Posts: 283
51 11 Dec 2011
Guys, you do understand what the 'anything goes' forum is for, right?

Can't believe how many times I've been seeing people have a whinge with the TINY fraction of non animal rights topics that come on the forum. As long as they're in the right sub-forum, who cares? I assume opening posters just want to connect on a more personal level with other activists instead of being a username on a page - what is wrong with that?

Karen Karen United States Posts: 1012
52 11 Dec 2011
Unleashed Admin
Cassie3 said:
Boring, boring and more boring.
We know that not all threads interest all people. That's why we created the ability to "hide" threads you aren't interested in. Simply click the little 'eye' icon at the top of the thread - you can hide the thread by itself, or you can even hide all threads by a particular author - it's up to you.

Please use this function to hide threads you are not interested in. This is more effective than posting in them to state how uninterested you are, as that will just pop the thread to the top of the front page wink

If there are any posts that you think are inappropriate please click the "report" button and let the mods look into it. Thanks.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
53 11 Dec 2011
here is a solution


stop winging about the few that come up NOT about VEGAN turmoil

and start grieving about something to do with animals


Humans are Animals...

"NUCLEAR relationships" if you don't want to realise what the FIRST POST SAYS and need it to be moremore

more about your interests.. then pretend we are talking about the evolution of Vegan Nuclear Families...

Science needs Vegan Nuclears... as a control group.. to see what the full impact of non animal input is on human species..

which if there is a major impact.. vegan and non vegan will gain a scientific name and the species will branch off and divide.

yawn... why are you so cagey reading a word to do with sexuality ...

lol i'm jokes... but still.. make more dying animal threads that are fun to post in and then you will have nothing to complain about?

Neenzi Neenzi WA Posts: 94
54 11 Dec 2011
Fact... I was not "whinging".
Question... Casper, are you a regular user of crack? I ask this question because after reading numerous posts, it seems obvious and I am going to go out on a limb and say that I am probably not the only person who thinks this.

Lotus Eater Lotus Eater QLD Posts: 60
55 12 Dec 2011
Nah, I'd say it is probably some sort of depressant. Perhaps heroine, or another opioid?

Neenzi Neenzi WA Posts: 94
56 12 Dec 2011
Well he's definitely on something, whatever it is...

Cassie3 Cassie3 QLD Posts: 115
57 12 Dec 2011
Yeti Woman said:
NinaLouise said:
I am not sure what being gay or lesbian has to do with being vegan or vegetarian. I am offended by this topic being on this forum. It doesn't belong here.
This forum has many topics (even though the site itself is based on animal welfare).
Animal issues, food issues, environment issues, personal issues...

If people want to talk about what makes them mad, what they ate for dinner, their sexuality, what they like to wear, religious beliefs, how many times they poop in a day, family problems, etc, surely there's no harm.
Just my opinion. happy

Cassie3 said:
On a couple of occasions I have been shut down after a very short time for questioning animal care, vegan lifestyle sustainability etc.
Strange you say that. You were not "shut down". Although some people became frustrated with your repetitive questions, others gave you very good detailed answers.

Bullshit Yetiwoman.  Repetitive questions because they were never answered.  Just the old 'best form of defence is attack' attitude stepped in.....  the detailed answers ( ? ) were nothing short of propoganda and at times damned right lies to say the least..  And I have been hauled by your moderator.  If this was a democratic forum with open minded members you would welcome opinions from people  who regardless of their dietary habits still have an interest in animal welfare.  It is I repeat for the umpteenth time impossible for the worlds population to be sustained on a vegan diet.  You are living under a mushroom if you think otherwise. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. The amount of anger expressed on this forum is bloody scary.  Anger achieves nothing except to give the expressor a pain.

Cassie3 said:
Have been assured that there are other omnis on this site.  Yet to see a single post from another omni.  Are they all scared of you vegans/vegos or is it really that it is a site for vegans /vegos only.
I was an omni when I first stumbled onto this forum.
Perhaps most omni's that come on here don't bother posting anything because they are simply researching about a vego lifestyle. I know I was (now I'm vegan).

Well, well, well did you come onto this forum because you were considering a vego lifestyle or because you have a genuine interest in animal welfare.  I came upon it because of the latter as did my friends who are tapping in often.  I now realise that I was deluded to think that it was a forum for the latter.  Now the gloves are on....

Cassie3 said:
Have invited a few friends to access this site as visitors, friends who have actually donated to AA blindly thinking that it was a site for animal welfare regardless of their status as meateaters.
It is about animal welfare.
AA simply makes the point that the best thing people can do for animals is to not eat them.
Forum members do not represent AA. We're not part of the organisation, we're supporters. If somebody in the forum is abusive to omni's, AA is not at fault.
We're individuals - like every Earthling.

Peace Cassie.  peace
And to you too....

LittleGlider LittleGlider SA Posts: 24
58 12 Dec 2011
Neens said:
I am not sure what being gay or lesbian has to do with being vegan or vegetarian. I am offended by this topic being on this forum. It doesn't belong here.
To belong, or not to belong... ? Which box to be ticked? Which box to fit in?
I think perhaps 'belonging' is exactly what some of the musings on this thread are addressing.

And I love Casper's comments/rants happy

Casper must surely be high on life... or perhaps Mead wink

More musings and less trying to fold yourself/other people into boxes, I say!

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
59 12 Dec 2011
Neens said:
Fact... I was not "whinging".
Question... Casper, are you a regular user of crack? I ask this question because after reading numerous posts, it seems obvious and I am going to go out on a limb and say that I am probably not the only person who thinks this.

wofl wofl

You go out of your way to read a thread you have no interest in, just to condemn its' existence, then when someone calls you out on it, you tote false facts and accuse them of being on 'crack'.

(I would have thought Drug references are less appropriate on this forum, unless we're talking about them being Non-Vegan because they cause harm to lives and the culling of human-animals called 'gang wars', or pervert the governance with negatively-geared currency.)

You are merely rude, unaccepting of others, close minded, bigoted and prejudice. Also Crack must mean crazy? Because I mean, you don't do it, so you are a shoe-in for sanity.

What threads should be on this forum then sire?

Please, tell us what you think... because we care  happy

Lol, you're hilarious ^__________^

ok you weren't 'winging' I was being polite,
you were being yourself.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
60 12 Dec 2011

both gays and vegans are in the same boat,
they are MEANT to be symbols of acceptance,
awareness and understanding.

noone wants to accept or listen to either,
and the casual nature/younger audience appeal of Unleashed,
means it is a perfect place for a simple thread showing love

I shouldn't have to explain this
and I wasn't trying to insult anyone,
I was simply saying GTFO and make your own if it isn't of your interest

But I will explain...

Look at the front page ... of unleashed....

personally I think body builders and musicians have nothing to do with Veganism.

And if this was a serious Vegan website to share useful information on surviving,
it would be setup more like how 'Korn' runs

THAT is thorough info and research,
a bombardment of this...

but it isn't.. it is set up to make people feel comfortable and supported...

so what ever.. but keep your stupid opinions in your stupid head,

I spend half my time being nonsensical to avoid those ruts and failings of self,
or to avoid having to listen to counter-arguments...

make something that looks nothing like an opinion,
and people desperate to share conflicts done to them,
won't have a POV to give i.e. inflict

it is a fun forum, often discussing quite serious things.

but variety is key

~  s2  ~

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