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Any Lesbians/Gays?

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Neenzi Neenzi WA Posts: 94
61 12 Dec 2011
Casper.s2 said:
Neens said:
Fact... I was not "whinging".
Question... Casper, are you a regular user of crack? I ask this question because after reading numerous posts, it seems obvious and I am going to go out on a limb and say that I am probably not the only person who thinks this.

wofl wofl

You go out of your way to read a thread you have no interest in, just to condemn its' existence, then when someone calls you out on it, you tote false facts and accuse them of being on 'crack'.

(I would have thought Drug references are less appropriate on this forum, unless we're talking about them being Non-Vegan because they cause harm to lives and the culling of human-animals called 'gang wars', or pervert the governance with negatively-geared currency.)

You are merely rude, unaccepting of others, close minded, bigoted and prejudice. Also Crack must mean crazy? Because I mean, you don't do it, so you are a shoe-in for sanity.

What threads should be on this forum then sire?

Please, tell us what you think... because we care  happy

Lol, you're hilarious ^__________^

ok you weren't 'winging' I was being polite,
you were being yourself.
Your grammar is atrocious!

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
62 12 Dec 2011
Well I think this thread has run its course for now, so I am locking it. I hope the OP has found some friends to connect with.
The personal attacks are not acceptable so please refrain from this in the future and keep your posts constructive.

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