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Which brands do you buy?

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mark1 mark1 WA Posts: 26
1 25 Dec 2011
Hey guys,

For things like rice there aren't really vegan-specific brands - I think because rice is vegan. Although some of the companies might do/sell non-vegan things, too.

So which brands do you choose for these types of items? Is there a particular company you prefer to buy from since they don't test on animals or sell non-vegan products?

Sorry I am not making sense lately happy

iloveanimals iloveanimals NSW Posts: 16
2 25 Dec 2011
Because I'm a vegetarian I don't know about vegan brands sad but a shampoo/conditioner that does't test on animals or have animal products is "Nature Organics" also for vegetarians who might be reading this "Quorn" is a brand that sells vegetarian meat subsitutes and can be found at Coles and Woolworths. happy

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
3 25 Dec 2011
I believe in buying any "accidentally vegan" products from non-vegan companies as the power of buying shows them to stock/make more of said product.

There are companies I don't support however regardless - like Unilever. They own a lot of other companies these days.... even pasta sauce!!

mark1 mark1 WA Posts: 26
4 26 Dec 2011
Ah yeah, That's a good way to look at it.

I'm just so paranoid, lately, of hidden ingredients.

Are there any brands you would refuse to buy? Maybe Nestle, etc?

JF JF NSW Posts: 283
5 26 Dec 2011
Nestle (for obvious reasons) and Sanitarium (connection to Seventh-day Adventists -Due to being owned by a religious organisation, in both Australia and New Zealand the Sanitarium companies do not pay company tax on their profits and I don't agree with this) are my top two brands in avoiding purchasing anything from. I have others obviously but I run into these ones more than others so more opportunities to 'accidentally' purchase their items.

So no chance of me buying their stuff. Then I tend to avoid any business that makes a profit on total bollock products (Power Balance, homeopathy, fake cancer treatments, etc). So even more things to add to the 'do not buy' other than not being vegan friendly. Shopping can be fun! XD

End of the day, most things are linked to something unethical at some point. Most chocolate for example is produced via child slavery. I have friends that avoid chocolate now due to that ... but they still nom on meat that was produced via factory farming.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
6 26 Dec 2011
I avoid companies that test on animals or that have been involved in activities that go against human rights e.g. Nestle, Mars, Unliever etc.
Other than that I just always try and buy food that is made by Australian companies, and is also made in Australia where possible.

Have a look on the Ethical Consumer Guide website:

They provide a large list of which companies make what products, and any criticisms and/or praises that company may have.

lyds lyds NSW Posts: 300
7 26 Dec 2011
im vegetarian food wise i buy quorn or if im only at woolies ill get fries but i prefer the taste of quorn tbh.
bath wise i buy my bathbombs bubblebath and melts from lush
shampoo / hair wise i buy from some australian organic or something ...

mark1 mark1 WA Posts: 26
8 27 Dec 2011
Thanks for that, I'll have a look happy