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Is going vegan a good idea for me?


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Infinite-Sadness Infinite-Sadness United Kingdom Posts: 23
1 26 Dec 2011
I'm 12 years old and I am extremely passionate about animal right..ect.
I'm vegetarain & have been for a while & I haven't drunk milk or eaten eggs in months.I want to go fully vegan but my parents aren't to pleased about the idea & the school lunch menu serves no options suitable for the vegan diet.Do you guys think this is the right move for me at this age or not? If so,any advice?
Thanks  wave

Leila9 Leila9 QLD Posts: 49
2 26 Dec 2011
this is a very interesting question.
I honestly believe that by making the change and letting the school know, so they can cater for you, would be a positive step in making vegans known.
Your age I think might be a worry. Because you are 12, you are in a very important part of your growing life, so I'm not sure how your body will react from a sudden diet change, so definitly talk to a doctor and see how the best way around that will be.
I think you should be ok to go to a vegan lifestyle. you will just have to make sure you get all the right nutrients that your body needs, and its definitly do-able. make sure you have a stable, well nutrient diet and keep checking in with the doctor.
with your parents, just talk to them about how you feel about it, calmly and stuff.
I still have issues with my parents, not fully understanding why i'm vegan. But you get that with a lot of people.
Good Luck!!!

Infinite-Sadness Infinite-Sadness United Kingdom Posts: 23
3 26 Dec 2011
Thanks happy I have spoken to my parents before,but they are not keen on it at all.I hope to convince them by showing them Earthlings cause it feels kinda awkward being the only one not having turkey at X-Mas..Thanks again

Janine Janine NSW Posts: 232
4 26 Dec 2011
I must say good for you for being able to make this step at such a young age. I know how hard it can be to go vegan when no one else supports it or is vegan themselves. I made this change at the age of 20 and to see a 12 year old consider it is very admirable.

Only you can make the decision, I must say I would love to see more and more young peeps make the move but as to when you do it, I think its important you decide otherwise you may fall back on it happy

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
5 26 Dec 2011
If you don't enjoy eating it, like eating it and even are disgusted with it.

Don't do it...

It is a waste to eat something with no enjoyment and all the energy from that food going towards feeling crap in yourself anyway?

Meat isn't "healthy" it is just edible, but in terms of health benefits the threshold between useful and excess is tiny.

Also as the richness of things in it is probably too complex for humans to fully use anyway in big doses... turkey at xmas is a treat for enjoyments sake... how these things became obligations is ludicrous.

Take your own lunches to school, like salads and things...

Find alternatives which you're excited about eating.

And if you don't mind the idea, for a while just limit your meat intake or animal intake to one meal a week or so... a small steak could easily sustain any dependencies on those substances and elements... for that long or longer.

Then when you're comfortable with forgetting about it all together...

go for it and prosper at will.

:3 parents are only worried about the base line well being and survival it is just a shame they know those words to be associated to all the ironically negative things... which in turn lead to complications, esp if the will of the person in the favour of that negative thing doesn't balance out the physiological affect those ideas and methods, foods or practices have.

so idk... it is up to you, just don't stress over it, do what you're comfortable doing,
but don't limit yourself to a minimalized diet, when you don't have to at all.

There is still pleeeennty to eat as a Vegan, to the extent limiting yourself,
applies just as with the "top of the food chain I can eat anything" ideology.

But yeah, good luck... and school menus change with different kids who have different dietary requirements... buy fruit instead or... water and bring your own things...

again like I said... lots of Vegan foods in most organic sections of most supermarkets today.

Try Orgran cookies.

mark1 mark1 WA Posts: 26
6 26 Dec 2011
Great  job, Rise_Against!

PurpleFae PurpleFae NSW Posts: 283
7 26 Dec 2011
Good luck, kiddo! Can be hard to become vegan at your age as your parents do still technically have the 'right' to make many decisions for you and vegans are generally seen as a minority, add to that the myths about poor health = drama.

Just keep in mind that your parents may seem a bit hard to win over and agree with you, but they really just are reacting in that way because they care.

Best thing you can do with them is stay calm when bringing it up. Show them information you're reading about and discuss your ideas and take onboard theirs. If there is a real health issue about the diet switch, suggest going to the doctor to get an expert opinion on your current health and suggestions on how to live as vegan with your parents. Facts should help your parents feel more confident about it and also help them understand that they can help you with it/ prevent you getting sick etc.

Also, you will have to let your school know for any functions and trips if you can't cater for yourself. And remember school kids can be morons - you may need to be ready to deal with some questions if you choose to be vocal about veganism at school (if you're not doing so already.) happy

sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
8 27 Dec 2011
I think being vegan is always a great idea happy I went vegan when I turned 13, that was the deal my parents and I made. So they had like 3 months to get used to my nutritional needs etc before I did. Looking back I would have done it sooner  - it is a LOT easier than I thought it would be. At first I relied on protein shakes and vitamins for peace of mind, and I still take the vitamins (my family always has, it's not just a vegan thing) but I'm a lot more conscious of getting the things I need from my food - they're just a good backup.
My parents didn't like the idea much, but they got used to it. I just told them how much it upset me the way that animals were treated and, because I knew it wasn't necessary, and I didn't want to participate. Also, they knew that I'm pretty stubborn and there wasn't anything they could do to stop me - I'd be a healthy vegan or an unhealthy vegan, but I wouldn't be a part of animal cruelty. Of course, I said it more nicely than that happy
With school lunches I just take my own. A salad with spinach, tofu, chickpeas, other veggies and some flaxseed oil and balsamic vinegar takes like 5 minutes to prepare, and it's delicious too. You will get a bit of teasing from other people, but educate yourself and be confident in your decision and they'll leave you alone. Also, people seem to be more open to the idea when you don't talk about it too much - people will ask questions and not care about the answer, they'll just tease you. So be polite about it, think of short answers you can give to people, and tell them to google it if they want to know more, and then change the topic. A couple of my friends and my mum have gone vegetarian, and one friends has gone vegan too happy
Good luck!

Betheney Betheney VIC Posts: 24
9 28 Dec 2011
I'd just start telling the school your lactose intolerant and allergic to egg. I tell people this when i can't be arsed defending my vegan choice.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
10 29 Dec 2011
then why not just say "sorry, i'm people intolerant" and leave it at that ~D~

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