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Risks of Soy Milk... True or False??

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Mishelly1990 Mishelly1990 NSW Posts: 4
1 13 Jan 2012
Hey guys, im sure this topic has come up previously but i will ask anyway. What is your opinion on the Risks of soy milk debate. I read everywhere that soy milk can decrease sperm count, increase birth defects etc etc... Is it something to be worried about?

Im of the belief that to much of something will be harmfull anyway but they are saying as little as half a serving..

Please your opinion would be appreciated. confused

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
2 13 Jan 2012
they are speculating on from terms used in context of

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
3 13 Jan 2012
Nope, nothing to be worried about at all. All lies made by the dairy industry.

Michelle 2.0 Michelle 2.0 QLD Posts: 42
4 13 Jan 2012
I'm pretty sure too much of ANYTHING will give you cancer, so regardless, I just say eat a diverse range of foods and eat in moderation, and you should be fine.

JF JF NSW Posts: 283
5 13 Jan 2012
If you're also keen to get actual facts based on evidence than just opinions, my recommendation is to utilise databases such as:

This is the sort of database you can get the nitty gritty on what research has shown us. Do a search on soy milk here to see relevant studies in regardless to its impacts on the human body. A lot of science jargon but interesting to see how much research has happened on x area and seeing how it was applied.

But to answer your question - no, generally there is no risk. And as someone else mentioned, you will come across statements that x is risky/dangerous etc but usually this is dependent on the quantity of the substance they are referring to.

E.g. Water and air are required for humans to live. So we see them as 'non-lethal'. But they can also kill you.

Mishelly1990 Mishelly1990 NSW Posts: 4
6 13 Jan 2012
hey thanks I will definately check out the site. Like I said I thought it would be a case of over hype and that over indulgence in anything could be harmful. It just seemed that alot of the articles are written by dairy consumers and I really wanted an opinion from you guys  clap

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
7 13 Jan 2012
Lets put it this way....

See the baby in my profile pic? She's 12wks old today. Perfectly healthy. I drank soy milk throughout my entire pregnancy too boost iron, B12, calcium, etc etc. My partner has drunk soy milk for the past 3yrs. We fell pregnant first go. No problem with sperm there.

I think that says it all wink

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
8 14 Jan 2012
Soya gave me big gazongas, now everyone wants to play with them.

I think THAT says it all.

But yes, it doesn't seem detrimental to these two specimens,
you should all be fine.

Anyway the Dairy industry wouldn't have to try hard to find something wrong with Soya,
in Vegan terms.

I think anyone who Boycotts Palm Oil, but not Deforestation Soya, is a ning nong.

Imaginary Product Imaginary Product NSW Posts: 142
9 14 Jan 2012
Jordanwts is on the right track. Check the anti soy-milk "studies" weren't commissioned or funded by dairy industries.

I think it's been discussed on here before about the varying quality of soy milks.  So Good for example is made from soy bean isolate whereas Vitasoy is made from the whole bean.  Then you have Pure Harvest and Bonsoy which are sugar and malt free.  

A co-worker of mine started on about the dangers of soy the other day and I thought "oh here we go"  but suprisingly she then said "still, probably better than drinking the milk from a whole different species".  

I think the rule 'everything in moderation' pretty much sums it all up.