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Has anyone read this article?

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The Almighty Heatherzilla The Almighty Heatherzilla VIC Posts: 70
1 30 Jan 2012
I got linked to this on facebook yesterday and wanted to see what you think about this article. I think it's missing a lot of the reason that people here are vegan and makes wide assumptions about the vegan diet. To me it reads a lot like a meat eater that's feeling guilty but is trying to justify their diet but it does raise a few good points.

Bondi Tom Bondi Tom WA Posts: 79
2 30 Jan 2012
It's an interesting read. The comment thread below the article is even more interesting.
The article seems to have created quite a heated discussion.

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
3 30 Jan 2012
Some true stuff there I suppose, though only applies to cows, and only in Australia. I think quality of life is important to. I'd rather be the mice then a farm animal, like a pig (since cows do have it kind of good here compared to other places). I would rather live my natural life doing what I want and then being murdered in a not so quick way, then being caged up surrounded by my own waste and after a crap life being killed quickly. Though he is assuming all animals are killed quickly, speaking to several farmers, I already know this is not true.
I am pretty sure even Australian grass fed cows get fed filler stuff as well though? A lot of farmers here seem to fill them with other crap to, so they still eat the grains. And chickens and pigs etc. All get the grains. Would rather cut out the middle and just eat a natural human diet.
Also from what I can see, even cows in nice green pastures? Yeah I think they clear out a lot of animals. Every cow paddock I see is void of other animals except birds in a few trees, and the odd mouse maybe. Im not sure if the cows scare them away or what, buts it is something ive noticed.

ok ok NSW Posts: 232
4 30 Jan 2012
I may be being naive but I imagine buying organic would avoid many of those little mouse deaths right? I mean, lack of pesticides etc...

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
5 30 Jan 2012
I am honestly not going to read it all, because I know these types of people; ones that are trying to make an excuse for eating meat and not going vegetarian/vegan. They will say anything they can to justify their actions.

I have no respect for a meat eater who says they are better than us, we care for animals and the environment more than they ever will.

Andrewxxx Andrewxxx VIC Posts: 272
6 31 Jan 2012
Anyone who accuses vegans of being overly emotive should read this guys stuff. "Won't somebody think of the poor baby mice?!?" he says whilst eating a burger. I wonder why he left out the part about clubbing joeys to death with a pole after shooting their mothers when he referred to the industry code of practice, I guess "sometimes killed" sounds a little nicer.

As for the "ecosystem blitzkrieg", I can't speak for those big central Australian cattle stations but I've never seen a beef/dairy farm that wasn't almost totally devoid of wildlife besides a few waterbirds at a dam or a few cockies and kangaroos. Most farmers hate mature eucalypts because they drop so many branches and would much rather plant some cypress trees. Grazing also promotes weed growth and strips away any undergrowth where mature trees remain. Granted there are more people getting into landcare projects but most of them aren't even even close to being decent habitat yet and there are far more farms where the land is being degraded further.

But the best bit was where he quoted Micheal Kirby at the end, the guy just recently became vegetarian.