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Sun Warrior Fermented Rice Protein Powder


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wild child2 wild child2 QLD Posts: 2638
1 8 Feb 2012

nichola nichola NSW Posts: 12
2 8 Feb 2012
personally i wouldnt pay $70 for just 1kg of protein!!! and there's only 16g of protein in each serving which isn't alot but depending why you need protein if its to build muscle there are better vegan proteins on the market but if you just generally need protein in your diet get it through other sources, i havn't personally tried sun warriorit but ill look into it if i can find a cheaper price,im going to chemist warehouse today to ask if they have any vegan protein also we have a store called "fundamental food store" or "fundies" which sells vegan protein be looking into high protein natural foods then making some kind of juice or smoothie using the ingredients  peace

Samantha87 Samantha87 VIC Posts: 17
3 8 Feb 2012
I have it. I've only been using it after workouts, so maybe twice a week. It has a nice taste in smoothies, but was a little on the expensive side.
I like that it's pure with no fillers or other nasties inside.

Mordechai Mordechai WA Posts: 51
4 8 Feb 2012
Have used however did not purchase, its easy to blend in with bananas and dates, tastes sensational in that combination. If you are looking for protein however load up on dark green leafy vegetables, or if you are looking for a protein mix, try to source hemp hearts (hulled seeds), 30-40% protein with a great ratio of Omega 3-6s. In Aus you can purchase it as 'animal feed' which is true... feed it to ANIMALS only...

On another note, are humans considered animals? wink For now, lets say yes, yes they are.

Check out hemp online, in US it is available in granola, proteins, motherless milk and all sorts.
Cheaper, tastier and has some whopping good nutrients.

Vinnie89 Vinnie89 NSW Posts: 37
5 8 Feb 2012
Bought this a while back, would have a scoop post workout, honestly ended up just chucking it away after researching more into nutrition. In my opinion and personal experience, protein powders in nutrition are an overhype, from wholefoods we get more than enough protein.

Honestly I've had more gains in my workout eating rice and vegetables than the processed protein powders.

6 8 Feb 2012
I've already messaged you about it, but I use pea protein powder which is much cheaper, I make a shake with it and either chocolate powder or bananas /wmilk  post workout. I do it because after workouts I'm SO DAMN HUNGRY!! and it keeps me satisfied until dinner.
I'm seeing great results happy

wild child2 wild child2 QLD Posts: 2638
7 9 Feb 2012
Thanks everyone for your advice! Lots to think about...

Might just try eating good and working out for awhile and see how I go without it!

DaveQB DaveQB NSW Posts: 287
8 11 Feb 2012
I have the older version and the newer type and all flavours.

I am just finishing up the Vanilla one now.
I love it! Tastes great and hits the spot. I have used lots of different protein powders over the last 15 years of training and I really like this one.

Sunwarriors previous version used to be more pea based but their recent R & D sees a brown rice based one which is what is on the market now.

Aussie Bodies has a soy based range. I have that too but I prefer not to have that much soy (although it has lots of added extra micro-nutrients in it too) so I mix it up.


Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
9 13 Feb 2012
the guy from Queen needs to come back and do a Warriors of the Sun Powder song...

well.... there's a thought at least ^^

MoniqueClair MoniqueClair NSW Posts: 24
10 25 Feb 2012
Yeah I used it for a little, and I still have it sitting in my cupboard. But then again the reason why I stopped was because I stopped working out as much. As for what you're getting, I like it. It is a bit expensive but the flavours are great.

Plus the customer service is great, I ordered and they didn't have my flavour so they rang me straight away (like 10mins later) and offered me a refund. I took another product, but I was impressed.