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Dangers of Soy

What are we really eating?

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...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
11 26 Feb 2012
Kirrilly said:
As far as I know the plant estrogen is completely different to estrogen we produce in our bodies?
You're absolutely right, Kirrilly. Plant estrogen isn't absorbed by the body the same way that animal estrogen is.

Also, irrespective of the plant estrogen argument, there is FAR, FAR more estrogen in beef or chicken than there is in soy, and that's animal based hormones that DO impact on human beings. (Causing things such as earlier age of menarch and later age of menopause, thus increasing the likelihood of diseases like breast cancer)

TheSixthStitch TheSixthStitch Aruba Posts: 988
12 26 Feb 2012
Kaayla Daniel's assertions on soy have been repudiated numerous times since that article (e.g. Have read a variety of concerns/objections and research, but as far as I can tell, jury's still out. Stick to the wholebean variety over isolates.

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
13 26 Feb 2012
TheSixthStitch said:
Kaayla Daniel's assertions on soy have been repudiated numerous times since that article (e.g. Have read a variety of concerns/objections and research, but as far as I can tell, jury's still out. Stick to the wholebean variety over isolates.
Yeah, and non GMO is a good idea, too. Organic where possible.

waterwavesandsand waterwavesandsand NSW Posts: 5
14 27 Feb 2012
Soy is not evil. Soy is a bean. It's natural. Remember also that a lot of the dairy industry are attacking the humble bean to keep people afraid of going vegetarian/vegan. When you think of vegan you automatically think of tofu, soybean. Though it's not what we aim for, its what the majority think. If the media can attack the main source of what people seem to eat while going veg, then they discourage more people from it. It's tricky, but it's working. So don't believe everything you hear. If the soybean is organic, then it's safe. GMO's shouldn't be found in organic processing anyway. Theres a podcast on iTunes you can download for free from a lady called Colleen Patrick Goudrou. She's American, but she does a wonderful talk on how Soy is Not Evil. Give it a listen, she's very informative and will clear up any doubts you have about soy products.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
15 29 Feb 2012
naturally grown in place of whole ecosystems,,,, right... what is "Natural" then anyway? you don't even mean organic because most of it isn't and is GMO

nature of man is nature? nurturing an synthetic value is nurture?

Bluev2 Bluev2 WA Posts: 1
16 2 Mar 2012
There's no truly out right danger of consuming soy unless of course you are allergic or have an intolerance. Most of the anti-soy research or campaigns have been funded or conducted by either dairy and/or meat industries particularly in the US. Sure soy might have factors that might be of concern but frankly unless it's isolates and highly processed one shouldn't pose too much of concern over it, ALWAYS READ INGREDIENTS. I used to eat quite a lot of soy in it's purest form in fact I like it like that best. Tempe is an amazing food but I've found australian tempe to be completely lack luster and frankly refrigerated or frozen tempe tastes horrible.

MoniqueClair MoniqueClair NSW Posts: 24
17 4 Mar 2012
I researched this awhile ago after the scare when a lot of soy milk by a particular company (I forget their name) was recalled due to fear of estrogen or some other thing (keep in mind I researched this like 2 years ago).

From what I remember, you would need to intake LARGE amounts of soy for it to be a serious issue. What the issue is the products they add to soy to keep it on the shelves and looking desirable (colouring, flavouring, etc).

Rule of thumb: download a additives application on your phone and look up the numbers AND names, it will tell you the dangers for each product.

It good to keep in mind though, I just avoid soy milk and have soy products occasionally. Variety has always been the healthiest option.

Danielafreeme Danielafreeme VIC Posts: 12
18 6 Mar 2012
BonSoy  is the better of all soy milks as has no nasty oils and if u have it here and there isn't bad for you, especially if it's the only soy food u have. As a rule anything processed is best avoided but wont harm u if eating once and a while!  happy scared

Danielafreeme Danielafreeme VIC Posts: 12
19 6 Mar 2012
Thanks very informative and it's true to keep an open mind, eating flesh is something the media need to highlight but it's very politically motivated what we get to read isn't it!

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