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Anybody been to Jamieson VIC recently?

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Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
1 17 Mar 2012
Hey folks,

I'm going to Jamieson with a heap of blokes from work on Sat 24th and staying overnight (not sure where, all I know is that we're all bunking up somewhere for $35 a head). The trip is a memorial event - one of the engineers from work had a fatal accident on his Ducati a couple of months ago on the way home from a weekend away in Jamieson. Some of you may remember seeing the remnants of a destroyed red bike on the evening news on Sunday 15th January. His father has organised it and invited every bike enthusiast who knew Tom to come and celebrate his life and retrace his final steps.

I'm really looking forward to going, and helping Tom's father and friends put that weekend behind them, but I'm a bit worried about what I'm going to eat! I've had a little poke around online and I've found a few eateries in the area, but practically everything available contains dead stuff.

If anyone has been to that area lately and found a hidden diamond, I'd be most appreciative if you would divulge the information!

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
2 29 Mar 2012
Figure this out:

In Eildon, you can get a vegan vegie burger at the fish & chip shop... as well as the meanest potato cakes in the world. And in Jamieson, the vegie patties at the Courthouse Hotel are just mash with vegies rolled in breadcrumbs, with no animal products to speak of. They were intended as an alternative to people with lactose or egg allergies, and happen to be suitable for vegans!

Yay! I actually ate something!

By the way... drop into the brewery and try the mountain ale. Very nice brew!

Also: the weekend almost went without a hitch, until I slid out on a right hairpin on Mt Buller and ended up in the ditch. I'm fine, the bike is a bit smashed up... oops!

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
3 29 Mar 2012
I love those crumbed veggie patties that are just mash and veg!! So yummy. happy
Glad you didn't go hungry!