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Family not supportive

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Rebecca18 Rebecca18 VIC Posts: 12
1 24 Apr 2012
I am vegan in a meat eatting family where they want me to stop this crazy idea and get back to eatting meat, dairy and eggs etc.

Please tell me i'm doing the right thing because i think i am but at the same time I want to stop the fighting between me and my family.


Vegan-Lisa Vegan-Lisa SA Posts: 164
2 24 Apr 2012
Hi Rebecca! its an awful situation to be in and you are not alone!! there are sooooo many others in this situation... you are definitely doing the right thing! and congratulations on making up your own mind about your own life happy  (not to mention all the good you are doing for animals who do not get to choose how they live).  i guess its a tough one becuase you could do several things in your situation (e.g arm yourself with all the knowledge and answers to anything they say or you could just say "i know im doing the right thing and thats all that matters, i dont want to discuss it anymore, research it yourself if youre that interested"  - either way no matter how u deal with it they are probably not going to understand or agree so choose the way that makes YOU feel the best.  and always keep trying to make awesum meals (even offering if anyone wanted to try they are welcome)... and always feel welcome to use the forum and people on here for some friendship and support!!! so much support here!!! be confident..u know in your heart you are doing the right thing and thats what will keep you strong! lots of love from us all xoxoxoxoxxo

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
3 24 Apr 2012
Hey there! I know it can be difficult; I went through it with my family too. I'd suggest doing some research -if you haven't already- and sitting down with them to explain WHY you believe these things and that you can be perfectly healthy without meat, eggs, or dairy in your lifestyle.

If all else fails, you could always tell them that you have your beliefs and they have theirs, and that you would appreciate it if they weren't constantly putting you down.

Good luck! happy

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
4 25 Apr 2012
I agree with the above. Also, how long have you been vegan? Maybe they just need some time to realize you are actually serious about this and get used to the idea. And of course you have this site for support, and I know there are other forums that are only for vegans, or vegans and vegetarians, so you'd probably find good food ideas in those places too.

Good luck! And yes you are doing the right thing. It's worth the bit of fighting for an animal life, and I am sure the fighting will die down soon anyway