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Found a stray rabbit....


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hakunamatata hakunamatata NSW Posts: 27
1 3 May 2012
I found a stray rabbit almost a week ago while i was walking my dogs at night, at first i thought it was a wild rabbit but he approached me and i was able to pick him right up! The next day i put up posters around the area and even letter boxed houses who i thought he may belong to, left my number with the vets but to no avail! So i called the AWL thinking that they'd be able to help but they told me that they are not obliged to take in stray animals and to call my council.. Called the council and they were dumbfounded as to why i called them as they are responsible for the mass slaughtering of wild rabbits. I then called the RSPCA and they said that if i were to bring him in they'd pass him off to the pound who would hold him for a few days then he'd possibly be euthanised.

As an animal lover i'm really disappointed that AWL won't take him in and i don't want to give him to the pound?! Are there any rabbit rescues in Sydney??

As adorable as he is, i can't keep him as i already have free ranging chickens and dogs to look after and if i was to keep him i'd like him to be an indoor bunny but it just wouldn't work with my dogs.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know anyone who would make a loving home for this bunny?

Thanks happy

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
2 3 May 2012
I wouldn't be dissappointed in AWL, they only they and rehome animals, otherwise they'd just be another pound

try these for rehoming

hakunamatata hakunamatata NSW Posts: 27
3 3 May 2012
I appreciate and respect the work AWL do but can't help but be slightly disappointed on such technicality like accepting surrendered animals but not strays... It doesn't leave much choice to the person who has found the stray and is running out of options. I have contacted porches rescue and pet search, still waiting to hear back.

sophxx sophxx NSW Posts: 169
4 3 May 2012
You could try contacting Porsche's rescue, They're a small animal rescue who might take him, if not I'm sure they'll give you advice on what to do. I have two rabbits, who might gang up on him, but we could try if it's a last resort. I hope you find a home for him.

Christina3 Christina3 NSW Posts: 128
5 4 May 2012
My friend loves rabbits. Hers passed away a couple of months ago. I'll ask her if she's interested happy

Christina3 Christina3 NSW Posts: 128
6 6 May 2012
Is the rabbit male or female? I have a facebook friend (a girl who goes to my school) who's happy to take if she's a girl. If he's a male though, then she can't because she has a female rabbit already and doesn't want any babies.

She says she's happy to come take a look. Where abouts are you located? I'm in north Sydney.

Cat1 Cat1 NSW Posts: 1
7 16 Jun 2012
I'm so glad people have directed you to Porsche's rescue and other great centres.
Sadly the poor little blighter doesn't have much of a chance at the pound because he or she will be euthanized.
I just found a poor little pet rabbit bouncing around in the tiny park near Central Station, after an hour I finally caught her.
I called Porsches Rescue (where I adopted my first bunny) and she said sadly she can't take strays at the moment because she's overrun with bunnies at the moment.
She said I had to keep her in quarantine for two weeks in case she had Calici virus or Myxomatosis. She told me to buy  puppy/kitten Revolution from a vets in case she had fleas or mites and I gave her a dose behind her head.

Basically I'm just letting her chill out for a few days to recover from her ordeal in a part of the house my bunny can't get to and then I will take photos of her, send them to Porsche and send them to anyone and everyone to try to find a worthy home of this beautiful little bundle of fluff.

Thank you so much for rescuing the poor little bun!