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Leather School Shoes

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Christina3 Christina3 NSW Posts: 128
1 6 May 2012
I made the connection that leather is a dead cow's skin last year. So at the start of this year my mum offered to take me shopping for new leather school shoes, I told her that I didn't need them and my old ones still fit (I was only slightly lying). But my feet and toes are starting to ache. But there a number of problems involved with my mum letting me buying faux leather shoes:
1. She thinks that they won't be safe because they're made out of cheaper material, and because they're leather they're not strong enough to protect me if a heavy object or chemical is dropped on my feet
2. I was born with really bad foot problems. I'm severely flat-footed and have had to wear hard arthotics since I was five. Because of this my legs have also grown really weirdly bowed. I always have to buy really specific shoes because of this, like ones with no lip and that go up a bit at the toes, because otherwise I'll trip all the time. So yeah, I need shoes that support me HEAPS or I'll be at risk of lots of injuries and breaks in my feet.

Even if there are fake leather shoes that solve my problem, it will still be hard convincing my mum. Telling her about the cruelty involved won't help either; she's the, "It's not my problem," type.

vegiepete vegiepete SA Posts: 147
2 6 May 2012
try KEEN footwear, they make vegan friendly shoes for every thing, you do have to buy them online , the other place might be PLANET SHOES..they also have vegan friendly shoes ,good luck in your search

Miss Lady Vegan Miss Lady Vegan SA Posts: 20
3 6 May 2012
Hey Christina,
Do u go to a podiatrist? It might be worth u asking them whether they know of any brands that r good support but no leather, then they might have a better chance at convincing ur mum! Tell her ur feet sweat wink
Good luck!!!

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
4 7 May 2012
No matter what your shoes are made of, unless steel, anything heavy dropped on your foot will hurt. And as for chemicals - the odds of that happening???

There are plenty of synthetic leather shoes out there. I bet if you put them beside a pair of leather ones your mum wouldn't be able to tell the difference wink

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
5 7 May 2012
Even steel caps almost never offer the right protection. Whatever you drop always lands behind the steel cap and crushes the top of your foot.

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
6 8 May 2012
IF you have to buy shoes that are to that specific standard.. if your mum is willing to pay $170 dollars or so dr martens have vegan footwear that they explain is just as good in quality compared to their leather versions... If you can't find them instore that price includes shipping, just go to your local shoe store that stock any sort of docs and suss out your size happy the price there doesn't include shipping, but once you go through the the cart it can calculate it for you.
I skip around the black school shoes poicy because they specify they have to be black lace up shoes, not neccessarily leather.  So I wear the cheapy black canvas shopes you can get for like.. $5 at kmart..
There are also foot stores that specify in finding the right shoe for your feet, and there are plenty of versions that look like leather but aren't. happy

Homewrecker Homewrecker VIC Posts: 49
7 8 May 2012
Heavy objects? Chemicals? Wow what are they getting kids to do in schools these days o_O

Fish Fish VIC Posts: 149
8 16 May 2012
Homewrecker said:
Heavy objects? Chemicals? Wow what are they getting kids to do in schools these days o_O
As for chemicals, they think we're responsible enough in science. Someone still got hydroxide solution (IT'S BAD!!) on their face though. Thankfully they sustained no injuries except a physiological fear of the science lab. As for heavy things, they're everywhere!!!!! It doesn't exactly help though that we are expected to carry badminton poles and chairs. We ain't going to be safe until we get bubbles. Even then...  spider

Christina3 Christina3 NSW Posts: 128
9 16 May 2012
Thanks everybody, some great info here.

As to the heavy objects and chemicals... I've been burned TWICE with a scolding hot metal rod in metal technology, and just today a netball pole nearly collapsed on my head!

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago United States Posts: 818
10 30 Jul 2012
Tell her that leather is not the answer.