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Griffith University Vegetarian Society (GUVS)

A proposed group for veg*ns and animal rights activists. Invite Griffith peeps!

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pitterpatter pitterpatter QLD Posts: 376
1 7 Jun 2012
My friend April is currently trying to put together a new group for Griffith University and she needs your support!

This is what she has written:

"This group is for the proposed Griffith University Vegetarian Society.

Please invite anyone interested to join!

Hopefully by the end of the midyear break we will have enough members to register as a club for Semester 2 2012.

Our goals are:
1. To provide a forum for the discussion of vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights.
2.To promote and educate about vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.
3. To actively support the animal rights movement."

Group link on facebook:

If you or any friends are at Griffith, please join/share to help this group grow!

april-san april-san QLD Posts: 368
2 13 Jun 2012
Hi guys!

We're planning an informal meeting sometime during the week after next to discuss ideas about how the club will run and what we'll do. Please join our facebook group if you'd like to get active on campus at Griffith!

Hope to see you there!